3 Strategies, No Excuses: Stay Fit on Your Summer Travels

Whether you’re on summer vacation or travelling for work, your fitness routine is often the first thing to go. It's easy to understand why: there’s a different schedule. Whereas before there was a set chunk of the day used to exercise, now everything's all mixed up. You also might not have a gym or your entire home gym readily available. However, hitting the road doesn't mean you have to fall off the fitness bandwagon. There are dozens of ways to keep fit while travelling, so any excuse not to workout is really just that: an excuse.

Here are 3 tips to help you stay on track, no matter where you are in the world.

1) MAKE Time

Time is precious, and it’s not often just going to magically present itself to you  — especially if you’re travelling on a tight schedule. This means you’re going to have to set time aside to workout, and, more importantly, you’re going to have to commit to it. If you plan to get up at 6am to workout before a busy day of meetings, then don’t stay up late at the bar chugging back martinis. It’s easy to let yourself off the hook on the road, but if you want to stay on track, you can’t be making this behavior the rule. Sure, enjoy a few late nights here and there but don’t make it a habit.

2) Plan for Success

Don't just assume the hotel you're staying at is going to have a gym: plan for any event. Bring the gym with you. Of course, we're not talking about lugging around your kettlebell or dumbbell sets, but there is a solid spread of amazing workout equipment you can bring with you on your travels. Resistance bands are one of our favorite go-to pieces of equipment when we're on the road. They're compact and pack a powerful punch when it comes to conditioning and sculpting every inch of our bodies.

Other top equip picks include:

The Sandbag. The sandbag delivers high-resistance results, while still allowing you to travel light. Just fill up the sandbag to reach your desired resistance (up to 40 lbs!) when you reach your destination, and empty it out after. Use sand, rice, beans, pebbles, or the other equipment you brought along  — basically whatever you can. Simple as that.

The Weighted Vest. Here's another compact training solution. The weighted vest can fit easily into even the most packed suitcase and will provide your workouts with an extra hit of resistance. The result? More powerful plyos, a bigger burn and better results, no matter where you are.

The Mini Challenger. Measuring a mere 13 inches above the ground, Mini Challengers are an amazing tool to amp up your total body training. Fall in love using them for push ups, L-sits, dips, inverted push-ups, V-sits, and when you’re feeling really naughty, even deficit handstand push-ups. You can also use them for dozens of plank variations, using the bars to provide a core sculpting element of balance and stability training to your workout.

3) Don’t Overburden Yourself

This is perhaps the most important strategy, because if you can’t do this, you won’t be able to implement the other tips. While we’re travelling, we need to be realistic. It’s absolutely realistic to commit to working out, but, depending on the schedule of your travels, it may not be realistic to think you can workout the same way you do at home. Instead of working out 6 days a week, you may only be able to squeeze in 4 workouts  — and that’s OK. Sometimes, you have to think of your vacay workouts more as exercises in maintenance instead of exercises in gains: though you can get those too! Like we said, it depends on your schedule.

Also, don’t overburden yourself with gear you don’t need. We’ve already talked about the best travel workout equipment, but there’s stuff you don’t have to lug around. Shoes, for instance. There are many perks of working out barefoot, so unless you’re planning on hitting the streets for a run, you likely don’t have to take up valuable real-estate in your luggage.

As for clothing, bring a couple changes of workout wear, but no more. Simply pack a small container of baking soda, and you can wash one set in a sink and hang them to dry while you get your sweat on in your spare set.

See? Staying on track is actually easier than thinking up those lame excuses not to workout  — and you’ll feel better for it! Do you have any tips for working out while travelling? Share them in the comments!

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