4 Easy Ways to Eat Greener for a Leaner Body

The link between a plant-based diet and a leaner, healthier body is well-established. You can take one look at BodyRock Trainer Edith, above, and see that for some people, the plant-based lifestyle is the only way to go!

Plant-based diets have been linked to faster metabolisms, less body fat and a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. And plant-based diets are better for the environment, which is—now more than ever—a crucial consideration.

So why hasn't everyone adopted a plant-based diet?

Well, that's a difficult question to answer if you want one pat answer across the board, but, most reasons boil down to misinformation—and we're here to clear at least some of that up.

Keep reading. Here's how you can eat a plant-based diet and reap more of the rewards of going green.

4 Easy Ways to Start Eating a Plant-Based Diet

  1. Understand you don't have to be vegan to be plant-based. Being plant-based does not necessarily mean you have to be a vegan or even a vegetarian. It may simply mean that most of your diet comes from plants.  

A plant-based diet is just that: a diet based on plants—not a diet that is only plants.

  1. Get informed. Because most of us have been raised eating copious amounts of meat and animal by-products, it can be challenging to grasp the nuances of balancing a plant-based diet. After all, you can't just lean on daily infusions of steak for your protein: you're going to have to look elsewhere for all or some of this vital macronutrient. 

There are many other nutritional deficiencies that are common in misinformed or ill-informed plant-based diets, and they can result in low energy, weight gain and hormone imbalances.

That's why we wrote our Plant-Based ebook. This guide tells you everything you need to know to begin your foray into a greener eating, and is perfect for people who want to go totally vegan or just want to get more of their food from plants.



Either way, our Plant-Based ebook is packed with information and even dozens of recipes (including treats!) to help you develop a healthy, happy long-term relationship with this body and earth-loving diet.

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  1. Start slow. You don't have to go from eating meat everyday to living on tofu turkey. Unless there is a reason you want to stop eating meat and/or animal byproducts this very second, if you are simply aiming to cut back or gradually wean off, then it is reasonable and recommended to cut back gradually. 

For instance, if you're eating meat every day, aim to eat meat five days a week instead of seven, and then every week or two, shave one day off until eating more plant-based becomes your new normal.

  1. Don't fall into the processed plant-based trap. Being plant-based does not automatically mean you are eating a healthy, balanced diet. Processed foods, in any form, are seldom as good for you as clean whole foods. The same goes for plant-based mystery meatless patties. Processed plant-based foods can make being healthy as difficult as eating any processed foods. 

To get all the benefits of a plant-based diet, you should consume as many whole, clean foods as possible. Again, this is where bagging our Plant-Based ebook would come in handy. Our many recipes will help you learn to make (and love) your own plant-based meals and snacks.

(Just check out these plant-based carrot cake protein squares!)

We’re Making Enjoying a Plant-Based Diet Easier

Without a doubt, going from a lifetime of unfettered consumption of animals and animal byproducts to eating all (or mostly) plant-based foods is an adjustment, but it doesn’t mean making the switch condemns you to bland, flavourless meals and living on supplements.

Start your plant-based eating with these strategies and grab our guide to support your long-term green goals!

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