4 Home Gym Essentials for 2021

Home gyms are all the rage these days. It makes sense: whether or not you feel comfortable visiting a gym right now, it’s not always an option depending on where you are. It can also be tough to get to the gym with restricted numbers and appointments.

Home gyms are simply a better option for most people at the moment. But clearing out an itty-bitty space for some haphazard lunges and push-ups just won’t cut it—not if you want to see real results from your workouts.

While you definitely don’t need to spend thousands on fancy gym equipment to get in a good workout, you do need a few home gym essentials to ensure you’re making the most of your time and space. Whether you’re on a budget, short on space, or simply itching to start sweating, these home gym essentials have you covered for every type of workout.


4 Home Gym Essentials for 2021

    1. Dumbbells

      There’s no home gym essential quite like dumbbells. Bodyweight exercises, while challenging and convenient, will only get you so far. If you’re looking to make serious progress in your fitness game, you need dumbbells (and a variety of options, at that). 

      If you like to switch your weights often based on each move AND be able to do stable push-up moves with your DBs, then these HEX dumbbells make it easy to power through a workout efficiently. (Also they are currently 25% OFF so that never hurts!)


        2. Resistance Bands

          Resistance bands are completely underrated. Take our Pink Thing, for example. The Pink Thing’s springy little loops of rubber can quickly turn your muscles to, well...rubber. They definitely top the list of home gym essentials because of how convenient and easy to tuck away they are while still giving you a fantastic workout thanks to the instantly adjustable resistance.

          Resistance Bands like our Core Bands are also super versatile and come in a range of resistance levels so you can keep improving over time. You can even use them in place of weights or to target small muscles. 

             Our Pink Thing band is on sale right now in our OVERSTOCK Collection!


            3. Yoga Mat

              Every home gym needs a mat to help prevent slipping and sliding, while protecting your joints. A yoga mat does exactly that, but also offers you the option to hammer out a few sun salutations when bicep curls aren’t quite getting you the zen you need after one too many Zoom meetings. 

              This mat is made with natural materials, is double-sided, thick and textured, and is super portable in case your home gym tends to relocate from the basement to the bedroom and everywhere in between.

              Our Mat is on sale right now in our OVERSTOCK Collection!

                4. Stability Ball

                  If you’re looking to sculpt serious abs at home, you need a good stability ball. Crunches pale in comparison to the ab workouts you can get with a stability ball. They improve your flexibility, range of motion, stability, core strength, and so much more. 

                  Try these nine powerful toning moves with a stability ball for an intense full-body workout that will make you miss the days of easy peasy sit-ups. Plus, you can inflate and deflate them as needed for space. 

                  Our Stability Ball is on sale right now in our OVERSTOCK Collection!

                  Working out at home can be just as challenging as at the gym, and you can do it at a fraction of the cost, space, and equipment. With these four home gym essentials, you’re ready for intense, varied workouts that kick your butt no matter your fitness level—or your budget. 

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