4 Unsung Measures of Fitness: How to Tell if You're REALLY Fit

So you think you’re fit? All those trips to the gym, the HIIT sessions and trail runs--do they really mean you’re in shape? You’re working up a sweat, shredding calories and seeing to your health by committing yourself to weekly exercise, but is that enough to claim your fitness badge of honor? 

If not, what are the tenets of fitness? 

You might be surprised to know that when it comes to measuring your fitness level, there are unsung measures of fitness that don’t get much love but are part and parcel of your overall fitness level.

Let’s put your fitness level to the test and find out if you’re as fit as you think you are.

The Unsung 4 Measures of Fitness


No matter your preferred exercise there is a reason you start and finish with stretches and the answer to that extends beyond preventing injury. And more to do with achieving your fitness goals. Stretching improves your range of motion by lengthening tendons. This prevents injury and helps achieve your strength training goals. So in addition to stretching before and after a workout, mix in some yoga days in between HIIT sessions. 

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Grip Strength

If you struggle to open a jar of pickles and no amount of force or grip aids can help you bust into that glass jar - you might suffer from poor grip strength. You may be scratching your head as to why this made the list but the American Council on Exercise (ACE) indicates that grip strength is a vital part of any exercise program. Especially, if you lift weights as it improves strength to your flexor and extensor muscles in your forearms. Further, having good hand strength will reduce mobility restrictions later on in life.

Challenger Bars are amazing for improving grip strength. Use for pull-ups, push-ups, dips, mountain climbers (and more) and develop better functional grip--and a more sculpted body in general. 

Lung Capacity

Whether you're a swimmer of flounder or Michael Phelps quality or simply looking to improve your overall fitness level, having strong lungs is essential. The lungs are what powers your heart by drawing in oxygen and expelling harmful carbon dioxide. 

Daily exercise means smoother blood flow for greater lung capacity. In other words, the more physical activities you do throughout the week that leave you breathless, the greater your lung capacity.

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Functional Range of Motion

Your range of motion is the full span of muscle movement. Having a good functional range of motion means your muscles need constant varied activity. If your only activity is jogging an hour a day, your range of motion will stagnate because your muscles will catch onto the routine. 

For optimal functionality, you want to engage all your stabilizing muscles, via strength training or other full-body workouts. This will also prevent injury and improve mobility.

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Are You REALLY Fit?

Eating healthy and staying active is part of a healthy lifestyle, but if you take your fitness seriously, there is more to it than just weight training or endurance training. If you want to elevate your game then start working on these 4 unsung measures of fitness, and then you REALLY will be as fit as you think you are!

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