4 ways to lose belly fat for good

First of all, feeling insecure and self conscious about your belly fat is a burden that you shouldn’t have to live with. If you find yourself trying to hide or minimize yourself with layers of clothing or by avoiding events and activities that you want to experience in this life because of how you feel about your belly fat or excess weight, then I’ve written this article specifically for you. Before we dive into the strategies that we have laid out to reduce belly fat for good, I want you to know and believe that your life doesn’t have to feel this way. There are solutions to excess belly fat that work and most importantly, you are absolutely capable of following them. Change is possible for you, so if you have felt stuck and trapped in just trying to survive this life with the emotional burden of not feeling comfortable and confident in your body, please know that there is more here for you than merely surviving and coping. 

Low to lose belly fat for good

At BodyRock, we have helped tens of thousands of people over the last decade get into the best shape of their lives. Real people, just like you have found a way to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals by following our common sense approach to fitness. We believe in taking small, achievable steps to achieve our goals. When you break a challenge down into small pieces, it’s much easier to tackle, and it keeps you motivated and from feeling overwhelmed. If you can make tiny adjustments to your routine - think micro pivots - and apply them consistently, you can literally move mountains. Success breeds success, and from small wins will come coincidence and motivation. You will want it more than you ever have, and it won’t feel like a daydream or a fantasy anymore, because you will have proof in the changes that you will begin to notice and experience. This isn’t an infomercial. We are just a small family business, and we have dedicated ourselves to helping the people that have tried the big brand solutions and fallen through the cracks. 

If small steps towards greatness feels like the right vibe for you, please strongly consider working out with us. We have the perfect workout program that you can follow, even if it’s been years since you have moved with the purpose of getting stronger, faster and fitter.

Beginner Bootcamp

Our Beginner Bootcamp (located on our fitness streaming site BodyRockPlus.com) has been specifically designed to get you up and moving again for about 20 minutes a day. This program teaches you exercise fundamentals, and is focused on fat-loss. Every single exercise was programmed with beginners (you) in mind, and while it will challenge you, it is achievable, meaning that you can smash each workout. Smash. When was the last time that you experienced the confidence and joy that comes from smashing exercise? The Beginner Bootcamp series is 30 days, and season 2 is another 30 days of training. After that, we have other programs like Intro to Strength that you can also smash, progressing your body’s strength and endurance and your fat loss goals forward at a pace that you can handle. For a limited time, we are offering a full year of our BodyRockPlus fitness streaming service for $69 with code: NY22. Add that code at checkout to unlock the full year access for just $69. When you combine diet and exercise into small steps, you can move mountains. Now let's talk Belly Fat. 

Belly Fat is not just about the way it looks, it can be a serious health issue. Belly fat has been linked to an assortment of unpleasant health conditions, including: heart disease, diabetes, liver failure, depression and dementia. Belly fat offers plenty of reasons beyond just the way it looks to motivate us to make changes. Let’s look at a few ways that we can start to reduce Belly Fat once and for all. 

Cut back on alcohol for belly fat loss

Limit alcohol and sugary drinks. It’s not just what we eat that contributes to belly fat, it's also what we drink. So many people have a blind spot when it comes to liquid calories and sugar, which makes cleaning up what you are pouring into your mouth a huge opportunity for fat loss. 

BodyRock Meal Plan

Wine, beer and spirits are essentially sugar. Drinking beverages that are high in sugar - think booze, soft drinks and pop, flavoured coffees, and juices will result in rapid weight gain. Our BodyRock Meal Plan covers cleaning up what you are drinking, and even helps you select the lowest sugar and calorie options for alcohol. Think through your day starting first thing in the morning. If you start your day with a glass of juice, then pickup a flavoured coffee, drink a pop at lunch and then have a glass of wine or two in the evening, you could be getting almost a day's worth of calories in just what you are drinking. Making better choices here will result in a massive change in your daily calorie intake, which can lead to shedding inches over time. 

Cut back on refined carbs for fat loss

Cut back on refined carbs and added sugars. Please note that I wrote ‘refined’ carbs. Good carbs are not your enemy - they provide your body with much needed energy. Refined carbs are what we are looking at cutting back. Thankfully, refined carbs are easy to spot, they include all of the usual suspects: fast foods, pastries and baked goods, donuts, pasta, pizza, deserts and most cereals. These foods have been industrially designed to taste amazing, but they have also been stripped of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fiber. Fiber is important for obvious reasons, but also because it helps you feel full, which signals your brain to stop eating. Scraping out the fiber will keep you eating, which keeps you buying, which is what keeps the whole profit engine purring for the big food companies. These foods are designed to make you fat. The more we buy in as a society, the more stuck in emotional survival mode we will find ourselves. Follow a meal plan that has you eating great tasting, easy to prepare meals that focus on whole foods and clean eating and remember, good carbs give you energy that your body needs to function and thrive. Whole grains and sweet potatoes are a great source of good carbs. 

Exercising at home with BodyRockPlus.com

Exercise consistently, at the right level. One of the biggest mistakes that well meaning people make when it comes to starting to exercise is signing up for a one size fits all program that is too hard for them to complete. Most programs out there are just too hard for beginners, so they get frustrated and quit, or worse get injured. You need a program that will challenge you but that is also achievable. That is we created our Beginner Bootcamp program that we mentioned above and workout series like Intro to Strength and our Kickstart program. These programs will get you started, and the daily feeling of accomplishment that you will achieve will start to transform the way that you feel about exercising, turning it into something that you actually enjoy doing. 

Sleep is important for fat loss

Get enough sleep. No one considers the importance of sleep when it comes to weight loss, but not getting a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep has a direct impact on belly fat and your overall weight loss efforts in general. If you are exhausted, the chances that you will skip your workout and make poor food choices will skyrocket. A study in the UK found that when women felt tired from a lack of sleep, they were over 60% more likely to skip their workout. Exhaustion also raises stress levels, and the stress hormone cortisol has been linked to fat accumulation on the belly and love handles. The explosion in energy drink brands (which are the #1 worst thing you can drink if you want to lose weight) is a symptom of the fact that as a society, we are not getting enough sleep. The bottom line is that you need enough sleep as part of your basic self-care routine, and not getting your sleep will derail any attempts that you make to lose weight and reduce your belly fat. Think about shutting down your screens and devices before bed.

In this article we’ve looked at 4 of the key pillars of weight loss in general, and belly fat reduction in particular. Spend some time thinking about where you see opportunities to make improvements in your daily routine. If you haven’t been watching your drinks, cleaning that area up is a massive opportunity to save hundreds if not thousands of calories per week. Come and train with us - smash the Beginner Bootcamp on BodyRockPlus.com - feeling the sense of actual accomplishment when you complete workouts at your level will build your confidence and power your motivation. Finally, don’t dismiss the section on sleep. Start to get serious about getting enough sleep so that you have the capacity to give fitness and your fat loss efforts a fighting chance. 



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