5 Beauty Hacks Using ACV That Actually Work

Beauty buffs are always on the hunt for some newfangled beauty hack that’ll change lives that they can blog about — but did they hit paydirt with apple cider vinegar (ACV)? Short answer: it seems so! Turns out this fermented product can work wonders for your skin, helping you naturally amp up your beauty routine and get a gorgeous, glowing complexion.

For Beauty’s Sake, Just Try ACV Already!

Put ACV into your beauty roster, and get ready for some pretty remarkable results! Just one word of warning, we strongly advise against using undiluted ACV directly on your skin, it can burn!

1. Cleanser:

From a young age we’re taught the value of washing our face. If you don’t wash your face, your pores will get clogged with gunk - oil, dirt or other impurities - leading to acne. The human skin is close to that of ACVs 5.5 pH, so regular application of ACV, according to dermatologists will help restore and maintain your skin’s pH. Why this is important is if your pH is off, dry or oily skin types or acne will reign - rain on problem skin’s parade first and balance your skin with ACV.

  • DIY Cleanser: ¼ cup castile soap (liquid) and 1 tbsp ACV for an all-natural  cleanser and toner.

2. Skin Toner:

For serious beauty buffs toner is essential to life - we’re not saying there is anything wrong with a toner just that is the most skipped step in your skincare routine - but what makes ACV special is it won’t dry out your skin like alcoholic toners do. ACV is an astringent, meaning it can temporarily tighten your pores so be sure to wash up before using ACV toner otherwise you’ll lock in impurities. Did we also mention it’s antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral meaning, bye-bye acne dontcha come back no more!

3. Blemish Be-Gone:

Fight acne and problematic skin with ACV. Vinegar is an excellent destroyer of bacteria. There’s even been studies done proving the effectiveness of ACV in treating acne; the vast majority seeing a drastic reduction.

  • DIY Acne Treatment: 1 part ACV to 3 parts water. Cleanse, then apply to problem area with a cotton ball and let it sit for 20 seconds before you rinse.

4. Sunburn Soother:

You enjoyed the sun a little too much for your skin’s liking, and now you’re glowing brighter than Rudolph’s nose - it’s not so merry being this bright. ACV can help soothe your sunburn. A study conducted on rabbits demonstrated that ACV helped heal the sunburn faster - this is likely due to the anti-inflammatory properties in ACV.      

5. Hair Care:

Is your hair blase? Are you struggling with itchy scalp, brittle hair, dull or frizzy locks, well you might just suffer from unhealthy hair. But there’s hope… for the low-low price of a bottle of ACV, you can rejuvenate your hair! But seriously, the acidity of ACV is one of the reasons why it’s effective in restoring your hair’s pH - beware of overdoing it though, you can irritate your scalp. Alpha-hydroxy acid is accredited to taming dandruff with its anti-inflammatory properties. Got bacteria or fungi problems - no biggie - zap em with ACV. Hair loss or excess product build-up, don’t sweat ACV is on it! Basically, if your hair gives you sass, there’s an ACV treatment for that (or so it seems).
    • DIY Curly Hair or Product Build-Up Rinse: 1:2 ration ACV to warm water. Shake in an empty bottle, shampoo then apply ACV on towel-dried hair and let stand for 2-3 minutes before rinsing.    
    • DIY Lustrous Locks: ⅓ cup ACV, 2 cups water and combine with normal shampoo, rinse, condition.
    • DIY Hair Loss Treatment: In a spray bottle mix 3 tbsp ACV in 1 cup of water, spray scalp and massage and let stand for 15 minutes before shampooing.

Beautifully You, With ACV

ACV is one of those (relatively) newfangled beauty hacks that’s the real deal. Naturally, it isn’t without it’s naysayers - can’t please everyone - but overall, for a pantry item it’s pretty kick ass. Wearing many hats from hair helper to skin toner, ACV is something you ought to try. So for beauty’s sake, quit dilly dallying and give ACV a shot already!

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