5 Fat Loss Hacks You Won't Believe Actually Work

When you're fighting the battle of the bulge, you can use all the weapons you can wield. After all, it's not a single thing that ultimately helps you lose unwanted fat, but many little things that culminate in a trimmer, healthier figure.

Some of the fat loss hacks you hear about may seem too good to be true -- and some of them are. But there are others that are so brilliant in their simplicity that they actually work. And they work wonders.

Read on for 5 fat loss hacks that will get you real results.

1. Stop Eating After Dinner


Not eating anything else after dinner can help you shed unwanted weight. There are two main reasons:

  • You're not eating extra calories thanks to late night snacking. This alone can save you hundreds of calories  — calories you don’t need and are just consuming because your tired, bored or both.
  • You're allowing your body to enter a fully fasted state, which usually occurs around 8-12 hours after you've last eaten. In this state, your body is in fat burning mode and uses extra stores of fat as a primary source of energy.

2. Drink Water


Drinking water works wonders to help you lose fat on many levels. First, it wards off false feelings of hunger; feelings that are usually the result of thirst or boredom. Secondly, it flushes your body of toxins, helping it metabolize foods more readily. Drinking water will also help keep you mentally focused, and this can help you make better food choices.

3. Workout in the AM

Morning Runner

People who workout in the morning enjoy trimmer, fitter bodies on average. Early rising exercisers have been shown to have a more balance insulin responses, as well as better willpower all day long, and these two factors combined can help you lose fat, and keep it off.

4. Eat More, Never Less


Here’s a psychological hack that will keep you focused on the plus side of fat loss. Rather than thinking about everything you should be eating less of, focus on what you should be eating in abundance. For instance, don’t think about eating less refined carbs or sugar; think only about eating more protein and vegetables. If you do this, you’ll naturally limit your intake of the less ideal stuff, and eat more of the things that promote a healthier weight.

5. Lay Off the Sauce


If you drink and are having trouble losing weight, it’s likely time to rethink your love affair with the bottle  — however sporadic it may be. When you drink alcohol in any amount, you not only consume the calories from the alcohol, but you stall out your body’s fat burning engines for as long as it takes for your body to process the alcohol. This means instead of using the energy from whatever you have eaten or are eating to fuel your body, your body is storing it, usually as fat.

You ready to try these hacks for yourself? Go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose but some extra fat. If you need more help, grab one of our nutrition guides and enjoy no-brainer and insanely delicious healthy eating.

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