5 Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

5 Fitness Strategies for Busy Moms

5 Fitness Strategies for Busy Moms
Being a mother is a demanding job. With work, daily challenges and responsibilities such as grocery shopping, bath time, sports, and playtime with your child, finding time for things like fitness becomes increasingly difficult. If this sounds familiar, you're not alone; moms from all walks of life face the same issue of prioritising exercise. We’ve been helping busy moms get into the best shape of their lives, at home, since 2008. In that time we’ve come up with some of the best tips and strategies for helping moms fit exercise into their already jam packed lives. Here are some of our best tips, from busy mothers and coaches in our community, that exercise with us on the daily. 

Workouts in the early morning are a game changer.

Working out in the morning
Training first thing in the morning puts me in a great mood. My favourite endorphin rush is in the morning! I feel prepared for the day, and then my workout is over. This gives me a pretty strong sense of accomplishment right out of the gate. Taking the time in the morning gives me the time and space to prioritize myself. I know that I’m not going to be tempted to allow other activities - be those work, or family, to get in the way of my workout. This is my time, for me to pursue some of my health and wellness goals, and I know that the stronger and more capable I am physically, the more that I can show up for all the other roles I play in my life.

-Molly F. BodyRockPlus.com member since 2020 

You don't have to spend an hour a day exercising. 

10 minutes of exercise per day is enough
You can fit a lot into a short amount of time with our blend of functional training or HIIT, with strength and Resistance training exercises built in. This type of training has been scientifically proven to be the best workout for general athletic conditioning and fat loss, making it perfect if you are trying to lose weight. Our full body workouts are just 12 minutes, and we teach them at a beginner level, so they are achievable. Building confidence in your ability to exercise is key to establishing fitness as a habit. When you feel confident that you can do it, you are much more likely to want to do it. This eventually transforms into enjoyment - the secret sauce that so many programs out there are missing. If you are curious how 12 minutes of exercise per day is enough to transform your body, check out this article that explains why justly 10 minutes of exercise per day is enough. 

-Coach Sean, trainer BodyRockPlus.com 

Make realistic and attainable goals for yourself. 

Set realistic fitness goals

Goal setting is a critical component of my fitness journey. I can work towards something and focus my energy and attention on it. Writing down my goals also helps a lot. Goals can shift, so if I don't accomplish something within the time frame I set for myself, I just keep working at it and look at how far I've come.

Goals can also be as simple as drinking more water or challenging myself to make a new quick prep meal from the Meal Plan instead of hitting up UberEats. There are a lot of little ways that we can improve each day, and having goals helps you keep focused on what matters. My very first goals were just to show up each day and complete all 30 days of the Beginner Bootcamp Workout series. It took me 3 attempts to accomplish that first goal, but I did it, and I haven’t looked back since. Make your first goal just showing up each day and doing the 10 minute workout in front of your coach. 

Simone D. BodyRockPlus.com member since 2021

Try the first workout of the 30 Day Beginner Bootcamp Challenge here for free. 

Experiment with your fitness routine.

Experiment with your fitness

When I started with BodyRock, I had zero idea what I was in store for, and I had never trained HIIT / Strength before and never at the same time in the same workout. My body was like - what is this? What I understood right away was that this was about getting stronger, getting more agile, becoming more capable - it was not about chasing skinny. Every program and diet that I had ever tried was about the pursuit of reducing something - your fat, your weight, a muffin top - whatever problem area we have all been conditioned to hate about ourselves. This was different. I learned to become strong with you guys - and just like you said, once I shifted my focus to becoming stronger, my confidence spiked and I actually started to like, then love my daily workout. While all of this was going on, the extra weight I was carrying started to fall away.

One regret I have is that I didn’t realize that you guys had Meal Plans for the first 4 months. I’m following the Intermittent Fasting Plan, and when you put the diet and the fitness together so that they support each other - that’s when things start to get crazy. I had no idea that fasting would be such a great fit for my lifestyle - and just like trying BodyRock for the first time, I let myself be open to experiment.

Jennifer B. BodyRockPlus.com Member since 2020

Begin with the basics.

Start with the fitness basics
My advice to new moms embarking on a fitness journey is to start small. If it’s been a minute (or a decade) since you last exercised, start with the Beginner programs that they have. I did the 30 Day Beginner Bootcamp (volumes 1,2), The Kick Start series, The Intro to Strength 5 day series and the Intro to HIIT series. BodyRock has put a lot of effort into entry level programs to get you started at the right level. I’ve signed up for programs in the past that were just way too hard and then I’d get frustrated and quit.

If you need help with anything, just ask Coach Sean. When I first started, I had a question about an exercise that I couldn’t quite get the hang of. I sent Coach Sean a message in the ‘BodyRock Insiders’ private group, and if I’m honest, I didn’t expect a response. Sean not only responded to me personally, but he made a tutorial video for me and posted it to the group. Thats why we love you guys - you show up and care.

Training with the proper equipment also makes a difference - I started with the BodyRock 6lbs weighted vest and the Pink Thing resistance band. Also, a good sports bra and the proper shoes can make all the difference. It doesn't have to be expensive, but the right equipment will help you get a little closer to your goals.

Marilyn T. BodyRockPlus.com member since 2021

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