5 Free Workouts in BodyRock+

Below you'll find 5 full workouts that give you a taste of what we have to offer in BodyRock+! Our workout platform is available in the Apple and Android App Stores, as well as via Desktop, Roku, and Amazon Stick.

All you need to do is click below, and you can get the rest of any of these series or join one of the dozens of 21 day Bootcamps, 30 Day Challenges, 5 Day series that target certain body parts, Yoga classes, Stretching Classes...follow a trainer you love and get healthy and happy FAST!

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FREE CLASS #1: Tone & Torch 2.0

These are High Intensity Interval Training, which does NOT mean they are hard. These are actually designed for Beginners, and you just add some weights to increase the burn if you're more advanced. These are 35 seconds of work, then 15 seconds of rest, which you repeat for a full 20 minutes. This method burns maximum calories, and it forms the foundation of what we do at BodyRock. Every class is different, fun, and gradually more challenging as you move through the Bootcamp.


FREE CLASS #2: Yoga After 40

Let's take the intensity down a notch and get into some gorgeous, rejuvenating Vinyasa Flows with Paola. Don't let the languid, delicious LONG movements in yoga fool you into thinking you aren't building muscle. You absolutely are. You are ALSO feeling like you're getting a full-body massage in the process.


FREE CLASS #3: Bethercize

High energy, high impact...huge gains. Beth is a powerhouse like no other. Women, men, beginners, advanced...it doesn't matter where you are coming from. Doing a workout with Beth will leave you feeling breathless and on top of the world!

FREE CLASS #4: Dancer's Body

Gorgeous, sensual movement combined with learning choreography: this is a whole new way to work out. Fitdancing has taken the world by store. We found this GEM of a trainer, and we are thrilled to share her skills and passion with all of you in this workout.


FREE CLASS #5: Beginner Workout

In this workout, Sylvie focuses on the pain points for a lot of Beginners: Fat Loss. It can feel demoralizing if you start a workout and you feel like your own body is in the way of progress. It takes time, and it DOES involve a change of diet (which accounts for 90% of your weight gain and weight loss) but you CAN feel better with each and every workout. Start here!

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