5 Reasons You Can’t Stick to A Fitness Program (with Solutions).

Staying motivated and on track is hard. Here are  things to consider on what is holding you back and what you can do about it. 

1. Your workouts are simply too hard.

Most fitness programs and video streaming routines are just too hard for the majority of the population. With popular fitness program names like “Insanity” it’s no wonder that people buying into these one size fits all programs are almost always immediately thrown off by the intensity level and incredibly advanced exercises. Most fitness programs in the age of Instagram are more focused on the “sizzle” than the sweat. We buy in because the trailers and marketing look exciting and get us pumped, but the reality is, that 98% of the population is not fit enough to effectively participate in these types of programs. No doubt that those extreme and flashy before and after pictures and testimonials that are so typical of the fitness infomercial feature real people, but notice the very fine print - results are not typical.

Not a move we'd recommend if you are just starting out!

Ideal programs identify the fitness level that they are intended for - beginner, intermediate or advanced - beware of programs that don’t implicitly state what fitness level they are designed for. 

Solution: At BodyRock we believe that everyone needs to start somewhere. Our programs are specifically designed, move by move, to match the fitness level you are at. We show up for you with workouts that are accomplishable. What do you experience when you accomplish your first BodyRock workout? Confidence. What flows from confidence? Motivation. When is the last time that you genuinely felt confident and motivated about your fitness journey? 

2. Your Workouts Don't Fit Into Your Lifestyle

Most of the online ‘experts’ agree that you should workout 3-5 times per week for about an hour. Again, this is a one size fits all mentality that often doesn’t work for the majority of people out there. Most of us are just not ready to take on 1 full hour of athletic training a day. We might be capable of moving and being active for an hour at a time - walking, biking, playing with the kids etc, but being active is not the same as working out as part of a fitness program where specific muscles groups are being targeted and worked under pressure.

Life also happens, and it’s often easier to prioritize work, family, friends and other commitments over yourself. You know on some level that you are selling yourself short when you don’t take the time for fitness and self-care, but faced with a one size fits all program that is likely to difficult to begin with, its just easier to feel better about putting your time into others. There is a sting of inner conflict around this, and eventually you will find yourself losing confidence in your ability to ever make the changes that you want to achieve. 

Solution - create an achievable workout schedule that will build your confidence and motivation and keep you on track for success. 

If you know that you are not a morning person, scheduling a 5:30 AM workout is just setting yourself up for likely failure - no matter how determined you are. A lot of fitness plans die before they even get started because people unknowingly force a whole series of other life changes to try and make fitness work. Think about the 5:30am workout above. If you struggle to get up, then you have disrupted your morning routine, and to get up at 5:30am, you are very likely going have to make significant changes to your nightly routine as well - those ‘just one more episode’ NetFlix binges that go past your bedtime are going to feel crippling when your new alarm time goes off to workout. 

Here at BodyRock we’ve been helping people get into the best shape of their lives by taking a much more balanced and realistically achievable approach to our workouts. To start off with, most of our workouts are between 20-30 minutes long. Over the past decade plus we’ve been helping people with their fitness journeys, we’ve discovered that this is the workout duration that people can achieve on a daily (3-5x per week) basis. These 20-30 minute HIIT style workouts have been scientifically proven to be the most efficient at burning fat, losing weight and building strong, lean bodies. It’s what we do here at BodyRock, and our BodyRock Plus collection of workouts has a wide selection of workouts like our Beginner Bootcamps, Intro To Hiit Training, and Our Intro to Strength and Resistance Training Bootcamp - all of which have 20-30 minute routines. The results in our community over the last 10 years - men and women from all fitness levels and backgrounds are an incredible testament to this achievable approach. 

Check out our FREE 5 Day Intro to Strength Training Bootcamp:

3. You don’t like your workout. 

This is different than you don’t like working out. No one expects you to like fitness, exercising or working out - not at first. Most people that are starting to workout as adults, are doing it on some level because they either know they should, or know that they have to because of health concerns. For a lot of us, it wasn’t love at first sight. A lot of people feel badly about not liking fitness at the beginning - don’t put this guilt trip on yourself. Before you can expect to like a workout routine, you have to find one that is the right fit for you. As we stated above, it dramatically improves the odds of liking something if it’s actually at your ability level and it’s achievable. It’s a bit like dating or making a new friend - the program has to work for you - if it doesn’t, no wonder workouts that you don’t like feel as torturous as a bad first date. 

At BodyRock, we create small, bite size bootcamps that give you choices. You never have to repeat workouts (unless you want to), so the boredom factor is largely eliminated. Our workout series are usually 3-10 workout ‘episodes’ (think NetFlix) long, so you can work your way through them and then select another. We focus down each workout series on a specific goal or outcome, and our trainers teach you as much as they train you, so that you build up your workout knowledge and start to better understand your body and what it’s capable of. 

It also helps that our trainers are real people. Jessie, who teaches our Intro to Strength & Resistance Training 5 day Bootcamp, is a 40 year old mother of 3 girls all under the age of 8. She is a busy woman with all the demands of a full and busy life, and she shows up for you with a workout that she knows works, because it’s been battle tested in her own busy life. This is Jessie and her 3 adorable girls.

When you give yourself the option of actually liking your workouts (and trainers) then you will be setting yourself up to actually like training. Liking your workout is the first step to loving fitness. 

 4. You don’t have the right tools. 

There is nothing worse than signing up for a streaming workout and then, 5 minutes into it, you discover that you don’t have the right equipment to follow along. You try and modify, but the video is playing and you fall out of sync with the trainer as you desperately try and find a household item to replace the gear being used in the video. This can be hugely frustrating and a massive let down - especially since you actually pulled yourself together to train. At BodyRock we use the same basic gear set in all of our programs. It’s our gear that we design and manufacture, so there will never be surprises. By using the same gear across all of our programs, bootcamps and workout series, we continually teach you new ways to use the right tools in the right way. Every time you use our gear with our workouts, it’s adding extra value. Our workout gear is top quality, and it’s been engineered to bring you a better than gym quality workout. Best of all, we’ve priced our fitness gear to move - because that’s exactly what it empowers you to do, and we want our BodyRockers to succeed. 

First Choice - The BodyRock Weighted Vest. All of our trainers wear our vest. The vest is a game changer. It adds resistance training to any movement your body makes - walking, biking, hiking, even mowing the lawn or cleaning out the garage. Add it to any activity (especially your workouts) to up the calorie burn and build strength and fat burning lean muscle. It’s hands free - you just clip it on, and you still have both of your hands free for balance, to lift, to move, or to scratch your nose. You can check out the BodyRock weighted vest here. 

5. You don’t have any support. 

It’s pretty common to hold a somewhat hidden desire to get into shape. You might be the only one in your family or friend group that recognizes the importance of fitness to your health and overall well being. You might face teasing, judgement or even open hostility from some of the closest people around you because you want to start exercising and eating differently. This can be a real struggle, especially if you are just trying to find the motivation to keep going, or actually start a fitness program.

For a lot of people, this social pressure or disapproval of making the shift towards health and wellness can be enough to keep them locked and trapped where they are. The common truth is that some people around you might experience your want and willingness to change as a judgement of how they are choosing to live. You start to clean up your diet and suddenly they feel threatened. Even really close friends might criticize the positive steps you are taking. Don’t take it on. This is your life - if getting in shape, losing weight and being the best version of yourself possible in all areas of your life is what is in your heart, then set your intention and don’t let anyone projecting their own fears and insecurities stop you. Have compassion for yourself and others and keep going. You don’t have to preach fitness or get in anyones face, the transformation of your body and new found strength and confidence will speak for themselves, and you never know, you might be what inspires someone you care about to take the journey as well. 

Solution: We have a great community of BodyRockers that check in on our private Facebook group. They lend each other support, encouragement and positivity - all of which will help maintain your fitness journey and keep you on track. We’ve love to have you. 


It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried to get into a fitness routine and failed to find one that you can stick with. It’s not an easy process, and finding the right solution and frame of mind can make all the difference. If you’ve connected with the solutions provided in this article please check out BodyRock Plus here - we’d love to help you discover your like, and then love of fitness and all that it offers. 




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