5 Sculpting Upper Body Moves You Can Do With Challenger Bars

Much like doting parents, we don't like to pick favorites when it comes to our beloved fitness gear, but we're not gonna lie: Challenger Bars rank up there near the top of our list.

The reason is simple: they offer fun and functional training opportunities to keep the good gains coming at any fitness level. Challenger Bars aren't equipment you'll outgrow once you reach a certain fitness level: their versatility precludes them from ever becoming obsolete.

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While Challengers can be used to strengthen and sculpt every inch of your beautiful bod, we're particularly fond of their upper body applications. They allow you to train unilaterally, use the power of inclines or declines to target more muscle fibers and work on balance, agility and plyometrics. So, if you're interest is piqued and you're looking for some cool moves to give you hot AF results, then read on. Here are five amazing Challenger moves for your upper body.

Add them into your next workout, or, to totally smash your arms, back, shoulders and chest, perform them as an upper body HIIT circuit. Perform each for 50 seconds, resting 10 seconds before moving on to the next. Complete the circuit 3-5 times.

Challenger Bar Upper Body Sculpting Circuit

Reverse Pull-Ups

Pro Tip:

Extend your legs out fully to make the move more challenging and bring your feet in closer to your body to make it easier.


Pro Tip:

Don’t lock your elbows at the top of this movement! Keep a soft bend in your joint to keep the work in your muscle and the stress out of your joints.


Pro Tip:

Vary the width of your arm stance to work different areas of your chest, arms and back muscles. A wider stance will target more of the outer fibers, while a narrow stance will target more of the midline fibers.

Pull-Up & Bridge

Pro Tip:

Engage your abs and squeeze glutes to get some quality core training in addition to a solid upper body blast.

Oblique Plank w/Hip Flex


For a beginner variation, keep both legs on the Challenger and hold until you build the arm, shoulder and core strength and stability required to complete the movement with one leg.

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