5 Signs Your New Workout Regime Is Not Going to Stick

There's nothing that fills the soul with quite as much purpose and hope as possibility, and the prospect of beginning a new workout regime is no exception. You mentally commit that you're going to do it, and promise this time it's going to stick, and your optimism abounds. If only optimism alone could deliver results. The bad news is it can't. Good intentions aren't enough to get you a stronger, fitter, leaner and healthier body. However, combine that optimism with planning, follow-through and accountability, and the gains are in the bag.

Out of all those constituent parts of the whole big picture of success, planning is perhaps the most crucial. Without proper planning, everything else falls apart. A solid plan is what will turn the dream of living in your best body into a reality.

No plan? Well, your new workout regime probably isn't going to last that long. This said, even the best laid plans may need tweaking once they are put into action. If you're starting (or are planning to start) a new foray into fitness, read on. Here are the tips you can use to identify if your regime is going to rule, or crumble.

1. You don't have time.

Who doesn't over commit? Especially when it comes to wanting something really, really bad, really, really fast, we're likely to bite off more than we can chew. When you're starting a new routine, you have to make sure it can fit into your existing life easily. Don't plan for the life you think you have or ultimately want (you'll get there): first you have to plan for your reality. So, if you're currently not exercising regularly and your new workout plan involves committing one hour a day, 5-6 days a week, you are going to want to rethink your strategy. Small, easy to achieve goals are the best way to get motivated and keep momentum -- and we're not just saying this, studies confirm you shouldn't bite off more than you can chew.

If you're starting from ground zero, having no steady fitness routine, then aim to train 3 days a week to 4 days a week, max. And don't think you have to put aside an hour. As little as 12 minutes can completely redefine you body.

If you already workout but are adding something new, follow the same guideline and incorporate the new training in small, easy to implement increments. For example, if you do HIIT but want to start running as well, add 15- 20 minutes in 2-3 times a week. 15 minutes of continuous cardiovascular activity is all you need to significantly improve your heart health and decrease your risk of getting serious diseases, and -- since it's really not that long -- you can seamlessly add it on to the end or beginning or your existing training.

2. You’re not equipped.

Just like you can't learn to drive without a car, you won't be able to sculpt a lean, strong body without at least some equipment. You don't necessarily need a gym membership. And you don't need to fully outfit a home gym, but a few key pieces of gear will do wonders to keep your good gains coming in terms of fat loss and lean muscle gain, which will keep you motivated, long-term.

What equipment do we recommend as founding pieces for transforming into a new you?

A weighted vest. These offer hands free resistance you can use to enhance your overall fat burn and really power up the gains from plyometric training.

Resistance bands. These are perhaps the most affordable types of fitness gear, giving you the opportunity to increase strength all over your body, especially in your stabilizing muscles.

A yoga mat. You don't have to have a regular yoga practice to benefit from a yoga mat. A mat offers a little cushion for your pushing when it comes to floor work, and if a nice place to stretch it out post-workout. And you should be stretching!

Heavy-duty resistance. Dumbbells. Kettlebell. Barbell. Sandbag. Pick one or pick them all, but you should have one piece of equipment that can max you out in about 10 reps. This high weight, lower rep training is what's really going to help you increase your muscle mass and torch body fat.

3. You don't have fun.

Yes. Fun. Working out should be fun. We're not going to say there won't be moments when you wonder why you're doing this to yourself, but the same can be said of many ultimately wonderful things in life: parenthood, travelling, a job you love but can sometimes make you crazy. If you don't actually like what you're doing, the routine isn’t going to stick. If there’s an exercise or a type of exercise you just really don't like -- so much so that it makes you want to stop working out altogether -- then don't do it! There's a multitude of ways to exercise your beautiful body. Find one that inspires passion in you.

4. You don't have variety.

Workout variety is essential if you want to avoid mental and physical plateaus. Keeping your workout fresh and infused with new elements will keep you from getting bored, which will keep the love alive. If you lift, incorporate new exercises with new equipment into your routines. If you run, don't always run the same route and vary your intensity. Also, add variety to your type of training and even where you workout. Swap out a day of HIIT for a day of yoga or deep tissue stretching. Or skip the run and head to the pool for some laps. Try some agility based training at the park one day instead of strength training at home. New experiences in new places can do wonders to keep your mind and body healthy, active and vital.

5. You don’t have community.

A sense of belonging is essential to human happiness and health. That’s why it’s there on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Family and friends supporting you in your goals will always help you reach them. Of course, your family and friends might not always be on the same page as you, so don’t shy away from looking elsewhere to tap into the power of support. We know we draw endless strength from our fitfam on the BodyRock Insiders Group on Facebook. Here, we gather with a collection of like-minded BodyRockers to support, empower and educate one another, no matter where we are on our fitness journey.

If you’re looking to get some of this virtual love and encourage, don’t hesitate to join us. We’ve always got your back.


One of my dearest friends years ago when I met her was totally sculpted and she never left of weight and she didn’t wear a weighted vest she ran every morning 5K did push-ups and I ab routine on a mat and she added in cycling sometimes plus like myself she was a registered massage therapist. At the same time that I met her I was in the best shape of my life. Every day before work I did a 45 minute workout with a 3,5,8 and 10 pound weights and then I jumped on my bike and rode to work or if the weather was crappy I drove but it was just built into my day. and because I had a dog I often went for a nice long run with him after work instead of walking him I turned it into running and both the dog and I were in amazing shape. My friend Linda and I were both shorties 5 foot two we met at massage therapy training but our approach while somewhat different had the same result and the main thing we had in common was routine. we didn’t question what we did we just did it she weighed about 102 pounds and I weighed about 110 I used to laugh and say that’s because she had no boobs Believe me my boobs did not weigh 8 pounds Linda was just skinnier! Anyway I’ve worked out in different ways all my life. I’ve been a gym rat, I’ve been a long-distance runner and I’ve worked out at home regularly before work. I am currently dealing with a pretty nasty back injury and I can’t seem to do anything that doesn’t irritate it and when I say irritated I mean I can’t get out of bed without gritting my teeth I know I can get back in shape but the key ingredient for me will be doing it at the same time every day just like I used to. And for Linda who’s never given up her routine she still 102 pounds and sculpted looking at 58 years old ! No equipment ! I got a whole pile of equipment doing me no good until I get into a routine! And lucky for me I have a workout buddy she’s online as we live quite far apart now but our goals are the same and we talk every day even if I’m just stretching and walking my dog I’m doing something. And when my back is resolved or doing better then I’ll stop every day at a certain time and get back into my workouts with SweatFlix 😊 So for me it’s all about building it into your day which ever way you choose to work out just do it set up alarm on your watch or make it the first thing you do every day or the first thing you do after work but if it’s scheduled then you’re more likely to do it that’s my experience anyway. So for me it’s all about building it into your day which ever way you choose to work out just do it set up alarm on your watch or make it the first thing you do every day or the first thing you do after work but if it’s scheduled then you’re more likely to do it that’s my experience anyway

Linda Campbell August 22, 2018

I wouldn’t necessarily agree that you Need equipment. I don’t want anyone to use that as an excuse! Anyone can workout and I remember Sweatflix having some awesome no equipment workouts you could do with just a vest or nothing at all. The most important thing to bring to your workout is consistency. Keep doing the workouts and you’ll see results equipment or not, and lots of equipment can be improvised. No excuse!

Cory August 21, 2018

All of this is true. It can all be summed up as discipline. I found that sticking with it, even when I didn’t want to led me to see results when I wasn’t looking for them and that rejuvenated me to continue more. I will say that you do need some equipment. When I added the Bodyrock vest, challenger bars, booty bands and bosu, I enjoyed the workouts more. Lisa is great too; while I do not have anyone to work out with ( no community that shares my interest sadly) she encourages through the workouts and that has also been a huge bonus.

Jennifer August 21, 2018

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