8 Life Hacks to Increase Your Fit Focus

It happens to all of us. We're chugging along, crushing our workout goals and eating a health, balanced diet then BAM  — we find ourselves knocked squarely off the wagon and flat on our asses. WTF gives?!

Here's the short answer: we've lost focus. In fact, in life, when we feel like something has taken us by surprise, it's usually because we haven't been paying attention. A work deadline seems to sneak up on you, when really, you knew it was there all along and just lost sight of it. A relationship is on the rocks and you feel like it happened all of a sudden, but chances are, you simply weren’t paying attention. Same thing with your fitness: it may seem like your motivation disappeared for no apparent reason, but there's almost always a reason.

If you've lost your fit focus, read on. Here are 8 life hacks to help you regain your focus, and regain those gains.

1. Ask Yourself this Question...

Am I happy? We're not trying to get too deep on you here; we're really just talking about whether or not you're happy with your fitness routine. If you've fallen into a slump and are bored, it's likely that your body has plateaued and your mind has wandered. Infuse new life into your workout. Try a new HIIT challenge. Add another type of workout into your mix. So, if you usually do 4 days of HIIT per week, take one of those days and head to the pool and do some laps instead. Or try kickboxing. Or trail hiking. The point is to keep it interesting. When you're interested, you're less likely to lose focus.

2. Set Another Goal

You've reached your first fit goal. Awesome. Now what? If you don't have an answer to this question, you're going to find yourself struggling to stay on track. For example, if you're first goal was to increase your lean muscle mass by 5lb and lose 10lb and you do that, then get on creating a new goal. Maybe it's learning to do a back walkover. Or a chin up. Maybe it's to increase your deadlift weight by 50lb in the next four months. Whatever it is, you need to keep setting yourself those simple, realistic goals.

3. Switch Up Your Food

You can get bored of the same sustenance, over and over. This makes you more likely to overeat, since while you may technically be satisfied, you won't feel satisfied by the same ol', same ol' meal you just ate. To lose unwanted fat, you have to be in a calorie deficit, and eating more to compensate for a blaise diet is not going to help you do that. So, switch it up! Try new meals, like the ones in our newest nutrition guide. This could be all you need to get you over a fitness slump.

4. Clean Up Your Sleep Hygiene

It's obvious, but it bears repeating: if you don't sleep, you won't be able to live your fittest, healthiest life. Lack of sleep is linked to weight gain and retention, depression, anxiety, stress, chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes and  — you guessed it — a lack of focus. If you want to ensure your brain is ready to backup your body come training time, you need to be getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night.


Sleep in a cool room. Around 67 degrees F for ideal sleep temperature.

Sleep in a dark room. You shouldn’t be able to see your hand in front of your face.

Sleep with NO electronics on or around you. Use an old school alarm clock. Keep your TV out of your bedroom. No screens or distractions to disrupt or inhibit healthy sleep!

No excuses, no moaning: just do it!

5. Get Support

We need community. It's one of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for a reason. If your fit focus is lagging, consider whether or not you're getting the support you need. If not, get it. Family and friends may not always be on the same page as you, so if you can't find fit friends among your immediate pool, reach out to us. Join the BodyRock Insider's Group on Facebook. Here, you'll find a tribe of like-minded individuals (and our trainers!) who are ready and willing to teach, learn and be inspired.

6. Get New Equipment

Kids get bored with playing with the same toys and so do we. Mentally and physically, our bodies can benefit greatly by trying out some new equipment. If you usually train with dumbbells, try kettlebells or a BodyBar. Elevate your gains with a step riser or a balance trainer. Power up your plyos with the addition of a weighted vest. Keep playtime interesting by incorporating tons of variety and you're less likely to lose focus.

Psst: Now’s a great time to get new gear. It’s out 12 Days of Giving Sale, and each day, there’s another incredible deal on our best selling equipment.

7. Don New Duds

It's a fact: clothing inspires power. Increase your fit focus by investing in a killer new workout outfit you can't wait to wear. Ask our trainers Sean and Lisa, who have a seemingly endless assortment of fit wear: donning incredible workout duds can inspire and transform!

8. Take a Break

What now? We're telling you to NOT workout. Well, yeah. If you've been sweating it out for years with only the occasional rest day thrown in once a week, then you may just need a wee break from working out. Not for months, but a week of rest is a method many top athletes and fitness gurus swear by. During this week, you should still eat well and live actively (translation: don't sit on your ass and stuff your face for seven days straight), but there is no scheduled workout time. This break can give your mind and body a much-needed rest from the daily commitment of those sweat sessions. By the time the week is over, you'll more than likely be itching to get back to your training, with renewed vigor and focus. You know what they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Do you have tips that you use to keep you focused and on track? Share them in the comments!

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