8 Reasons to Start Strength Training Today

Have you always wanted to try strength training but never known where to start? Well, BodyRockers, it’s time to supercharge your metabolism because BodyRock+ is about to launch a brand-spankin’ new series with trainer Jessie P. called The 5 Day Intro to Strength Bootcamp!

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If you’re like most people who don’t lift, the main reason is because you don’t really have a handle on the perks of strength training. But we’re about to change all that.

Keep reading! We’re going to enlighten you on all the reasons why you should loop resistance training into your exercise routine!

What is Strength Training + What You’ll Need

Strength or resistance training is the utilization of resistance (weights, weighted vests, bands) to build muscle and increase endurance and strength. In general, you’ll need all these home gym essentials; however, for our new series, only a few key pieces are required!

Home Gym Checklist:

Why You Should Be Strength Training

1. Build Muscle + Strength

One of the main reasons why people take on strength training is to gain muscle and strength. However, consider this, by improving your muscle strength, you make performing everyday tasks like carrying groceries or going up and down stairs easier — so really, it’s beneficial to everyone, not just bodybuilders looking for gains.

2. Crank Up Your Metabolism for Greater Weight Loss

As with any exercise, when you get that ticker firing, you rev up your metabolism. And a faster metabolism means two things:

  1. Muscles burn more calories than fat mass.
  2. Up to 72 hours after a strength training workout, your body is still burning calories.

3. Reduce Your Risk of Injury

When you develop your muscles, you’re reducing the likelihood of injury or falls. For example, in a study on adults over 60, they found that those who participated in resistance training led to a 34% fall reduction, all because they were better able to support their bodies. Moreover, since weight training works your muscles, it improves mobility, flexibility, range of motion and strength, thus making it less likely you’ll experience an injury while working out or otherwise.

4. Greater Range of Motion

Here’s the thing about range of motion, the more inactive your muscles, the lower your range of motion. So to help improve your flexibility and range of motion, strength training is equally as effective as stretching!

5. Better Self-Esteem

One of the best ways to become more body positive is to feel good in your own skin, and studies indicate that people who strength train have greater self-esteem. It makes total sense if you think about it, by setting small attainable goals, as you achieve them, it makes you feel good about yourself — hello, happiness!

6. Mood Booster

We talk a lot about this at BodyRock; we all have varying stress levels, some of us have more than others, but one way to combat mood disorders is by working out! Regular activity gives you a rush of those feel-good endorphins, which help chase away some of your stress load!

7. Improves Your Quality of Life

Want to age with grace? Well, resistance training can help preserve your muscles (functionality decreases with age), keeping you physically and mentally fit while promoting good health and enhanced pain management and vitality.

8. Better Health

Finally, strength training has total body benefits, such as:

  • Brain Health: resistance training protects your brain from cognitive decline.
  • Bone Health: for stronger bones and to reduce your risk of osteoporosis, weight training is a great addition to your weekly routine.
  • Blood Sugars: help prevent or manage diabetes with strength training.
  • Heart Health: resistance training gets your blood pumping which helps protect and strengthen your heart, protecting you from developing heart conditions.

  • 5 Day Intro to Strength Training

    In BodyRock’s latest series, introducing beginners to the world of strength training Jessie P. dishes up a powerful workout tailor-made for newbies. The classes are short, sweet and to the point, but deliver a solid workout you can feel good about! So, if you’ve never tried strength training but always meant to, then here’s your sign, it’s time to give it a shot. All you need is a few pieces of equipment, a can-do spirit and less than an hour of your time!

    Why You Should Start Strength Training Today!

    There are so many health benefits to strength training, and if you’re a newbie looking to crack into lifting, then this new series with Jessie P. called The 5 Day Intro to Strength Training was made for you! So grab your BodyRock gear, turn on BodyRock+ (or sign up for your free trial today) and let’s get you lifting!



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