8 Signs Your Workout is Working (No Matter What the Scale Says)

 There is no stronger motivation to keep working out than starting a workout routine and seeing immediate results; it connects you to your workout and makes you push harder to reach your fitness goals. However,  just using the scale as an indicator of whether your workout is working may not be enough to keep you on track to reach your goals.

Let's dive into eight, non-weight related things that make for a winning workout!

Signs Your Workout is Working

    1. You Have a FitFam

      When you join a gym or the home gym revolution with BodyRock+ and enter a community of like-minded fitness fanatics, people who can relate to your exercise aspirations, it solidifies your commitment to exercise. BodyRock's Fit Fam is here to support and encourage you to achieve your fitness goals. All you have to do is join BodyRock+, and boom, you've just gained millions of fitness buddies.

        2. You Have More Energy

          When you get moving, one of the first "gains" is more energy. So if you notice your body seems primed for exercise or day-to-day activities, you know your fitness routine is working.

            3. You’re Pumped About Workouts

              If you're jazzed about your workouts and start looking forward to your sweat sessions, you know you've found a winning routine. You know you're on the right track when working out becomes less of a chore and more of a passion.

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                4. You Have Improved Coordination & Range of Motion

                  The more you practice something, the better you become — this rings true for exercise and coordination. For example, improving your coordination is as simple as doing the exercise, like a squat, enough times that it becomes easier to perfect your form; while doing so, your range of motion will get better.

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                    5. You Are Less Stressed

                      BodyRockers and fitness buffs alike will tell you that the benefits of exercise aren't limited to the physical manifestations of muscle, toning or weight loss — it also targets your mentality. For example, when you've found a good workout, you'll begin to notice you're stressing less and smiling more. In fact, in many situations, exercise is a natural treatment for depression. Moreover, when you're engaged in a workout and lose track of time — this is a good indication that you've connected with the right exercise.

                        6. You Eat Less Junk

                          When you create a healthy mindset by inviting exercise in, it creates a trickle-down effect; you'll notice you are less inclined to snarf down junk food that could ruin your gains. Fitness is the antivenom to your sweet tooth.

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                            7. You Want to Tag a Friend

                              They say that true mastery of a subject comes when you can define it to another; apply that logic to fitness, and if you can tag a friend to join the fitness movement, you know you've found your workout sweet spot.

                                8. You’re Enjoying the Total Body Effect

                                Think back to when you first laced up your sneakers, how the workouts seemed like mission impossible. Now, a few weeks or months in, what do you notice? Your body not only delivers better form and range of motion, but you'll also find your endurance improves, the right muscles ignite when you target them (are you sore, good it's working), and you're less tired afterwards.

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