9 Beginner to Advanced Squat Options for Stronger, Sexier Legs

Basic squats are one of the first moves many of us learn how to do when we start working out. They work multiple muscle groups, they don't require any equipment and they torch fat and calories.

Basic squats are also one of the first exercises we grow out of since we tend to master them quickly and are ready to move on.

That's why we're here now: to show you 9 beginner to advanced squat options so you can keep getting fitter and stronger. Move your way from the first to the last for progressive more challenging squats and watch your lean gains (and confidence) grow.

BodyRock Trainer Beth is going to show you how. Join Beth in her BodyRock+ series, Bethercize for a free trial, and get ready to squat your ass off..literally!


9 Beginner to Advance Squat Options

Here are some gifs to get you going! We've given you 9 moves that you can add to your workout. Try all, pick your favorite 3, then tack them on the end of your next workout for your very own Booty Finisher / Burnout workout!

1. Bodyweight Squats

2. Kick Squats

    3. Hop Squats

        4. Hip-Flex Squats


            5. Jack Squats

                6. Toe Squats

                    7. Surrender Squats

                          8. Balance Trainer See Saw Squats

                              9. Balance Trainer Pistol Squats

                                Ready to try our beginner to advanced squat options? Smash ‘em out and then join us at BodyRock+ for 365 days of sweet, sweaty squat action with our BodyRock Trainers. Join now for a free trial!


                                Thanks for these great exercises. Always looking to ups my game.

                                Nezzie Kormos January 14, 2021

                                These are great exercises-thank you!!!

                                Sandra January 12, 2021

                                Thanks. I’m excited to try these!

                                Tiffany Meeks January 12, 2021

                                Awesome exercises. Thank you

                                Ann January 12, 2021

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