9 things that personal trainers do to drop fat fast

To figure out how to get lean body results in less time, we asked our BodyRock coaches for their tips on what really moves the needle when it comes to their clients fat loss results. These 9 pro tips were there most effective strategies. 

Training smarter and on purpose means applying the right exercise and diet strategy for the outcome that you are looking for. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see and experience results as quickly as possible - we aim to train efficiently here at BodyRock, and most of us have other things we need to be doing besides training. That said, safely lowering your body fat percentage and dropping weight will take at minimum weeks, not days. On the fitness and body transformation timeline, results that take weeks and not months or years is considered moving fast - how fast? Lewis Hamilton fast. Give yourself at minimum 6-8 weeks to start seeing results, although you might start experiencing some initial results sooner. 

Eat single servings. 

Eat Single Servings For Fat Loss

Most foods that you buy, particularly anything that comes in packaging, have suggested serving sizes indicated on the label. Don’t assume that the entire contents is a single serving. This is such a wildly common mistake that alerting people to this error can realign their entire diet. I know that you might be thinking that this is painfully obvious, but one study suggested that over 87% of people do not refer to this serving size information when preparing their food. 

Food marketers are counting on you noticing the ‘low calorie’ graphics on the food packaging, but seldom educate people on how small a portion they get for that ‘low calorie’ count. You will often discover scenarios where it's 200 calories for 12 pieces out of a bag of 48 - and not the assumed 200 calories for the bag. In this example, you might be unwittingly eating 800 calories - a major chunk of your daily allowance - without even realizing it. People who are unknowingly overeating massive amounts of calories often fall into blaming themselves when their fitness and diet efforts repeatedly fail, when in reality, it's a math awareness issue. 

Split it. 

Restaurants often use their massive portion sizes to market the idea of providing ‘value’ for your money. Most restaurants have taken to serving meals on platters or across multiple full size plates. The best way to navigate this overabundance of food is to simply split a meal between 2-3 people. Always start by splitting a restaurant portion into at least 2 meals. Get cozy and share. If you are still hungry, you can always order more food. If you are alone, split your food in half or into thirds. Eat a single portion of your divided plate and box or leave the rest. You are not a child - you don’t have to finish your plate. If you choose to box it, look for someone in need that you can give your leftovers to. 

Pro Tip: Drink the full glass of water you get when you first arrive at your table before you order. People often mistake feelings of dehydration for acute hunger. Drinking the table water will help you eat less. 

Workout fasted.

Working Out Fasted

Strength Training mixed with HIIT (high intensity interval training) on an empty stomach is the most powerful fat burn you are likely ever going to experience. After almost 15 years of helping women get in the best shape of their lives, it's proven to be the most powerful method we have on offer here at BodyRock. You will see the fat melt away faster than any other approach - it just works. Intermittent fasting has become a popular movement in the last few years, but more so for men than women. The benefits are available to women, but the approach is slightly different for women to accommodate differences in hormones etc. We have developed a fasting protocol specifically designed for women as part of our fasting program that you can check out here. Our fasting specific workout series ‘The Fasted & Furiously Fit’ is currently in season 4 on BodyRockPlus.com and you can access it for free with our 7 day free trial. If you are going to train fasted, make sure that you are following the right plan for your body. 

Keep things simple. 

No matter which new ‘breakthrough’ fitness or diet trend that is currently making the headlines (usually accompanied by a celebrity endorsement), nothing is ever going to beat the simplicity of reducing calories, training consistently, moving more, getting enough good food into your system, drinking enough water and getting adequate sleep. 

Dial down the bullshit.

The mainstream fitness media is just like any other corporate news / media organization that is solely profit driven. They will always lead with what gets them the most clicks - not what is best for your health. It’s next to impossible to drive clicks by focusing on the simple things that actually work, so you will always be hearing about a new ‘secret’ or discovery that is the answer to your desires. This need for constant clicks, likes and engagements has seen a lot of ‘fitness’ magazines switch their editorial focus to celebrity lifestyle content instead, because in an age where the only thing that matters is your attention, celebrities drive results - but for the bottom line, not your health or wellbeing. Ignore the noise and stay focused on the basics. 

Focus on your diet.

Focus on your diet for fat loss

A lot of women are not getting enough protein to support their fat loss goals. Focus down on lean sources of protein as often as possible. Fish and chicken are good choices, try and limit red meats to once a week. Protein will do wonders to support your Strength Training efforts, and will help build lean, fat burning muscle tone that will reshape your body.

To balance your protein intake, make sure that you are getting healthy fats (think avocados) and loads of fresh, fiber rich veggies. Sweet potatoes, asparagus and Brussel sprouts are all on the fat loss menu. 

Track it. 

Track Your Food

Tracking your food intake is a pain in the ass - at first. That said, your chances of successfully reaching your fat loss goals are less than 1/10 if you don’t. There are apps, wearable trackers or a good old pen and paper to make this happen. Tracking is a must, and a good gauge on how serious you actually are about achieving your fitness goals. 

Imagine wanting to drive from New York to Houston. You are clear on the timeline to get there - as fast as possible - but you are leaving without a map, without gps, and without a schedule. You know the basic direction - south west - but thats it. No reasonable person would take this approach if they were serious about arriving in Houston as quickly as possible. It’s the exact same for your fat loss journey - tracking is a must.

Make small tweaks.

Fat loss is a learn as you go process. Look for small wins that you can make each day. Your food tracking will help with this. Where could you have made better choices? What did you learn for next time? Eliminating extra sugar in your coffee(s) each day might sound like a small thing, but the compound effects over time can be huge. Can you switch those two cans of regular Coke to diet - or better yet water? Let's take the coke as an example. 2 cans of Coke are 140 calories and almost 40 grams of sugar. Switching to diet will save you an incredible 8,400 calories and 1200 grams of sugar per month (almost the equivalent of 3 pounds of granulated sugar). These are totally empty calories with zero nutritional benefits. Most people that have a soda habit are drinking more than 2 cans per day, which translates into a huge opportunity for a win that will move the fat loss needle. Look around your daily routine - where are the opportunities to make small but powerful tweaks?

The power is in your hands.

Measuring Portion sizes with your hands

In the spirit of simplicity, one of the most effective ways to measure your food intake on the go and support your fat loss goals, is to use your hands to measure out your portions sizes. Your protein should fit in the palm of your hand, and be roughly as thick as your palm. For clarity, do not include your outstretched fingers in this rough measurement. Two good handfuls of veggies come next (feel free to add a third), and a quarter of your palm for healthy fats. Keep starches to a half palm sized serving. Drink a full glass of water with each meal, and keep sauces and dressings on the side. It’s easy to forget to ask for sauces on the side, and you might have to get comfortable making this request. If you are looking for a flavour kick, try hot sauces - they are usually zero calories and low in sugar.

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