Accepting change with an open heart

We are getting set to welcome a whole new group of trainers to the family.

We have some amazing new programs that have launched, and more that are on the way, including Boxing and our new CrossHiit workout, BR20 and BRX. We even have a 12 minute Fasted Hiit workout, specifically for female intermittent fasters. We are really trying to bring you guys the best workouts online.

A lot of you that have been part of our #fitfam for years are excited about the new workouts and trainers. We all have our favourite person that we like to train with, but BodyRock is a team. When a new player comes to your favourite team, it doesn’t mean that you have to like your favourites any less, or that they have become somehow less important. Teams work because everyone contributes. Winning teams prevail because everyone shows up from the heart. What I can tell you is that everyone of our new trainers and coaches have that dedication, and are showing up for you from the heart. Sean and Lisa have set the bar really high, and they are determined to train with us at that level.

Most of our trainers are new to the video space. They are trying to overcome nerves and their own performance fears. They are looking for a way to connect and be welcomed into our community. If you can, please take a moment to make them feel welcomed. Say hi, introduce yourself, give them a follow on Instagram. Let’s help them feel like they are part of our team.

I remember when Lisa first started. Many of you have come into BodyRock attracted by her magnetic personality and amazing fitness, but when Lisa first started, she was stepping into the shoes of our original trainer Zuzana. Not everyone was welcoming. Not everyone was happy about the change. Not everyone wanted a new trainer. There was pretty close to open hostility at the possibility Lisa would be leading the workouts. I was there filming, and I know that the resistance put up by the community to this change was really hard on all of us - especially her. Eventually, and it took the better part of that year, Lisa was able to win over her critics and fully step into her new role. 

Can you imagine not welcoming Lisa or Sean all those years ago? Me either. When you open your heart to people who are all heart, some amazing things happen.

Lisa & Sean are central to BodyRock and we have no plans for them to go anywhere. They have a central place as long as they want, and hopefully they are leading BodyRock seniors in a few decades from now! 

We all have our favourites. Favourite songs, favourite friends, favourite trainers. But at BodyRock we are a team and a family. The more heart, passion and inspiration we can pull into this, the more we all can learn, evolve and grow. Let’s love our family and our team, and welcome our new trainers with the kind of openness and warmth that we treat any new BodyRockers. 

With love,


I’m looking forward to the new trainers. Change is always a good thing.

Kimberly Winals July 27, 2019

I’m not against changes, you can do many and of course for some people they are gonna be good, but don’t change what is already wonderful, like the connection that we have with Lisa and her unique way of training us, if you change that you are changing the soul of bodyrock

Dina Roxana Del Bosque July 27, 2019

So excited to see what’s coming up!

Matty July 27, 2019

I love this message! I am so looking forward to the new variety of workouts! Different lengths of time, different styles! I’ll be able to fit it in regardless of the day I’m having. Looking forward to meeting the new trainers too!

Diane July 27, 2019

Change is scary but at the same time exciting! Excited for new trainers and workout choices. Thank you!

Rachel July 27, 2019

I love Lisa and Sean! Bodyrock has changed my life. I’m looking forward to what’s to come!

Judy July 27, 2019

Fasted Hiit for women? OMG can not wait! I love Lisa’s workouts but I welcome new choices.BR20 is also awesome and I’m looking forward to the CrossFit one and mobility one!

Anca July 27, 2019

Change is the catalyst for improvement! Good luck everyone!

Peter Churchill July 27, 2019

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