Adele & Halle Berry Strength Train

Megastar Adele, 33, has opened up about her body image struggles after dropping 100 pounds. 

“I use to cry, but now I sweat. It really did save me” the songstress said. In a recent interview with Candice Carty-Williams, Adele shared how exercising on a regular basis improved her mental health, but she still struggles to accept herself post weight loss. 



“I still have things about my body that I don’t like. I’ve never liked my arms, ever, and I still don’t like my arms” she added. 

Adele credits learning to strength train with her transformation and helping her feel strong. “I like feeling strong, I really do, I love it”. Her routine involves Strength Training in the mornings. “I was lifting weights this morning, and I’ve gone up from what I was doing a couple of weeks ago”. 

Strength training has also helped her feel more capable and confident. “When I feel that I have the weight of the world, of my world at least, on my shoulders I can handle it a bit more because I’ve gone up 10 pounds with my weights”. 

After learning to strength train, Adele said she feels “more agile because I can now move more...I got my core means I can do more, I can run around with my kids a bit more”. 

Intro to Strength Training

Coach Jessie leads the Introduction To Strength Training Workout. 

If you are curious about the fat loss benefits of Strength Training, we have a great Introduction to Strength Training Bootcamp led by BodyRock Coach Jessie P. that you can try with a free 7 day trial to our Fitness Streaming Platform This Bootcamp has been designed to be accomplishable at the beginner level, so it's a perfect starting point if it's been a minute since you've worked out. 

Halle Berry - Fit at Any Age. 

Next Up, Halle Berry is on the cover of this month’s Women’s Health Magazine. At 54 years old, Halle Berry is one of the fittest actors in Hollywood. 


The WH home page features a determined looking Berry standing in front of a punching bag with text that reads: ‘Halle Berry is Playing By Her Own Rules’. Nothing against Berry, whom we have long admired as a powerful, accomplished woman, but Women’s Health Mag - Halle’s natural beauty and incredible presence should be enough to celebrate this icon no? It's 2021 - how about you stop airbrushing women and support the mental health of our women and young girls? 

We realize that calling out WH on our Instagram is the equivalent of a tiny bug bite on the hide of a corporate elephant, but there needs to be a countervoice to the ongoing manipulation and war to get women to hate their bodies. Photoshop is gross. Let’s stop doing it. 

Halle Berry shared one of her exact fitness routines.


In a recent interview, Halle Berry listed an example of a full-body workout she did in recently that really challenged her core (and entire body), comprised of only two moves done with varying reps and weights:

  • 40 lunges with biceps curls, wearing ankle weights and wrist weights, and holding my foam dumbbells
  • 20 squats to overhead presses, wearing a booty band and holding my foam dumbbells
  • 38 lunges with biceps curls
  • 19 squats to overhead presses
  • 36 lunges with biceps curls
  • 18 squats to overhead presses
  • Continue to work your way down.

When we looked over this routine, we realized that BodyRock coach Jessie P. teaches all of these moves in our Introduction To Strength Training Bootcamp.

Lunges, curls, squats and overhead presses, are all foundational strength training moves that we teach you to master in our Bootcamp. By focusing on the largest muscle groups in the body, these workouts can torch the largest amount of calories, maximizing fat loss. This 5 workout series was designed to take beginners up off the couch for 20 minutes at a time, and get them moving and learning resistance training basics. 

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