#BackGoals! Add This No-Equipment Back Exercise to Your Next Workout

A little equipment can go a long way towards helping you build a strong, sculpted back. In fact, in this move, BodyRock Trainer Jenny Lam shows you how you can use NO equipment to create a stronger back and core.

That's right: this is a NO equipment back exercise. We try to incorporate no-gear moves regularly into our Sweatflix workouts. The reason is simple: BodyRock was founded on the principle of equal opportunity fitness for all. This means if you can't drop hundreds of bucks on fitness gear, that's cool--we've got you covered with moves like this no-equipment back exercise. 

So try it out! 

Push-ups are a no-equipment back exercise. The push-up variation forces you to work your way up from a totally prone position, which puts more pressure on your back and core to stay strong. Plus, the floor tap works your lats and rear delts for an extra mobility challenge. 

See for yourself. PRESS PLAY!

Need to learn how to do a push-up first? No worries. Check out How to do a Push-Up: Everything You Need to Know.

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