Best Exercises for Kids Using Challenger Bars

Just ask our BodyRock fitfam: our Challenger Bars are almost irresistible to children, which is why we've come up with this list of some of the best exercises for children using this piece of gear. 

Rather than focus on intense exercises, which is what most of us use the bars for, we focus on fun exercises for kids. These moves are safe and will get your kids moving, while also increasing their awareness of their bodies and confidence.

See for yourself! Grab your Challenger Bars, rally your off-spring, and get ready to have some fun. Of course, your kids should always be monitored when using Challenger Bars, so stick around and watch as a lifetime love of fitness begins.

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The Best Exercises for Kids Using Challenger Bars

  • Agility Drill

  • Mountain Climber

  • Hanging Hip Flex

  • Swing Jumps

  • Ab Tuck

  • Plank Toe Reaches

  • Lateral Agility

  • Kick-Backs

  • Remember, a lifetime of health and fitness for your kids begins with you leading by example and letting them see that exercise is FUN! These best exercises for kids using Challenger Bars will help. 


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