Best Resistance Bands for Total Body Strength & Sculpting

If you’ve never used resistance bands before, you’re in for a treat. Or, more accurately, an intense sweat sesh. 

Resistance bands are incredibly underrated: they’re effective, efficient, and versatile. Whether you want to sculpt your booty or you’re looking to train your entire body with one piece of equipment, there are great band options to choose from. 

Keep reading to find out why you should be using resistance bands and what the best resistance bands are to reach your goals.

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Why You Need Resistance Bands

Maybe you don’t have access to a gym right now or don’t have the funds to invest in heavy weights, but don’t sweat it: you can still get a fantastic workout in.

The secret?

Resistance bands! These innocent-looking bands pack a mean punch, and our BodyRock trainers and fitfam incorporate them into our workouts to supercharge our lean gains—and optimize our space. After all, these bands can fit into a fanny-pack, so you don’t need a ton of storage space for your fit gear.

Other benefits of resistance bands include:

  • They allow you to train multiple muscle groups at once.
  • They force you to work against continuous resistance, so they take your training to the next-level.
  • They’re the perfect fitness gear for travelling, or, you can bring them to your gym. 
  • They’re super affordable—we’re talking $30 or less for each of these resistance bands!

And other thing: Resistance bands also are unmatched in terms of time under tension, and they offer a wide range of benefits from muscle strength to flexibility, posture, balance and more.


The Best Resistance Bands for Total Body Strength & Sculpting

      1. Core Bands

        The BodyRock Core Bands are great full-body bands. With two options to choose from (latex versus fabric), you can choose what works best for you and your workout. Core bands can be used in so many ways; whether you hook them on your wrists, ankles, thighs, and more, you’ll add the perfect amount of resistance to your workout to tone and tighten your entire body. 


        2. Booty Bands

        If you’re looking for a shaped, lifted, and toned booty, these BodyRock Booty Bands are exactly what you need. They’re especially great for those starting out since they aren’t quite as tough as the core bands. Strap them to your ankles and knock out some lower body exercises like back kicks, bridges, lunges, and squats to not only gain muscle strength but improve your mobility and range of motion. 


        3. Pink Thing

        The BodyRock Pink Thing might look like it’s from outer space, but the workout it gives you is definitely out of this world.

        Our signature Pink Thing resistance band is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you’ll ever find. Not only does it replace up to ten different sizes of bands, but it makes using resistance bands much easier overall because it doesn’t snap or slide like traditional bands. With varying grips and plenty of foot/hand holds, you can truly customize your workout like never before and keep progressing in strength with just one resistance band. 

        From your core to your booty, BodyRock has you covered with the best resistance bands. If you’re new to resistance bands, you’ll love the variety they add to your workouts. If you’re used to resistance bands already, you’re going to love the quality and durability of the BodyRock bands—no more slipping, rolling, slapping, or dashing across the room to grab a band that flew off mid-move. Those who know the struggle, know.

        Grab these beautiful bands—and more—in our BodyRock shop. Insane savings (and gains) await!


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