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September 29, 2018 1 min read 2 Comments

Our bodies take a beating. There’s the physical demands of just being alive  — filtering toxins, repairing and rejuvenating, carrying the general luggage of life — but then there’s the emotional baggage we heap on it too: the body hate. We’re quick to dismiss our beautiful bodies as too weak and too unattractive, but we don’t often sing its praises.

Today, we’re going to do just that. Here are 12 of the many amazing things your body does for you, often without you even knowing.

Stop hating on your beautiful bod! Give it the props it deserves. Nourish it, celebrate it and love it, every damn day.

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Linda Campbell
Linda Campbell

September 29, 2018

It is so very true and when I was fortunate enough to study anatomy and pathophysiology I remember talking to one of my profs. And I was saying I can’t believe more doesn’t go wrong when you see all the intricate systems and how completely inter dependent they are! And the new pathways the body will create when one is damaged. It is really true that no matter how much we think we know with being able to store knowledge and information on a computer chip the size of a babies toenail – yet for all that intelligence we pat ourselves on the back for we have not begin to touch the capabilities of, nor have we come close to understanding the intricacies of the human body. We have barely scratched the surface! So when you get mad at your Doctor or at the medical profession for not being able to solve a health dilemma of yours or someone you love it’s important to remember that they are not gods and not so very long ago physicians were bleeding people to let out evil humours, something we would think barbaric these days, and yes now we can clone human beings and dogs, goats and we are solving mysteries every day but for every care that works on one person it doesn’t work on another why ? Because Everybody is so different in as much as we are the sameso when you get mad at your daughter or at the medical profession for not being able to solve a health dilemma of yours or someone you love it’s important to remember that they are not gods and not so very long ago physicians were bleeding people to let out evil humours. we would think that so barbaric and here we are now being able to understand the double helix of DNA! And despite that we can’t cure the common cold there is an awfully long way to go and we may never get there but at least we know that everybody is trying – our doctors are physiotherapists our massage therapists the nurses the people practising eastern medicine using acupressure acupuncture people who used meditation to block pain! and all these specialists including our personal trainers The homeopaths, the naturopaths come to us armed with the best information and knowledge they can give us at least most of them do. They are for the most part so highly trained and most care so very much and want to do everything at their disposal to help. But they are just human beings and we expect so much from them! something I would never have really truly grasped until I studied the human body in such depth as I needed to for my career. So kudos to our amazing bodies and thank you so much Body Rock for pointing all of this out it’s good to remember ! and props to those who try to help us everywhere Including the great staff here at Body Rock!!!

September 29, 2018

Good information..

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