Body Types that Have the Best Sex

It's Valentine's week! Getting a little action might be on your mind. Question: do think you need to have the body of Jenna Jameson to have great sex? Turns out that you might. Or, you might not.

You see, numerous studies have shown that the body types that have the best sex are the body types that belong to people who are confident about their bodies. Simple as that.

This means that you may have a body like Jenna Jameson and have great sex. Or you may have a body like Jenna and have terrible sex. Or you may have a body like Christy Metz and have great sex, or Kylie Jenner or Whoopee Goldberg or Betty White.


Confident Bodies Have the Best Sex

The point is this: feeling attractive is pivotal to having amazing sex, and the ability to feel attractive comes from confidence, not body size or weight.

And equally important point: there are as many kinds of physical attractively bodies as there are people. It’s cliche but true: beauty comes in all shapes in sizes.

It doesn’t always feel that way. Especially for women. Studies show that between 1972 and 1997, the percentage of women who reported feeling bad about their bodies more than doubled from 25% to 56%.

Unsurprisingly, this was in the height of the Twiggy, heroin-chic supermodel look, where often extreme thinness was prized as the aesthetic ideal.

Not as much has changed as many of us could hope for today, but there have been some changes thanks to body love and body positivity movements. What's more, for a great many people—notably, women themselves—female strength is seen as just as important, if not more important, than potentially dangerously obtained thinness.

Of course, some women naturally have thin physiques, and this is beautiful, just as curvy or full-figured or athletic bodies are.

The takeaway from all the sex research we've looked through is simply that no matter what body type you have, you are more likely to have better sex if you feel confident about that body.

The Easiest Way to Improve Your Body Confidence for Better Sex

Confidence is not achieved overnight, but one of the best and easiest ways to boost your body confidence is to WORK OUT. Working out has been shown to lead to better sex in large part due to this confidence, but also because of the strength and stamina, it builds that contributes to more robust sexual ability and function.

That's right: people who exercise are less likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction. This goes for men and women.

What's more, people who exercise and have regular sex live longer than their inactive, more celibate counterparts.

So, next time you think about skipping a workout, remember that a healthy life involves a healthy sex life, and a healthy, sexy body is a confident body. Confidence starts with strength.

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