BodyRock 12 Minute HIIT #17

Hi BodyRockers,

Today we are bringing you a much needed upper body focused workout, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be going downstairs for some lower body and legs too. 

BodyRock Jenny

Jenny is also going to show you how to do pushups and climbers off of your couch, sofa, chesterfield (in Canada we say ‘chesterfield’) which makes these moves accessible to people with mobility issues, or for beginners working up their strength. The good news, is that whenever you encounter regular pushups or mountain climbers, you are going to have the know how to modify that exercise to make it work for you. So for the rest of your long life, you can now handle a workout that throws pushups at you. No insecurity, no thinking ‘I can’t, that’s too hard’ - you have the chops now to dust push ups off your shoulder. 

The Workout. 

The Gear.

BodyRock Weighted HIIT Vest

Vest up! For today’s 12 Minute HIIT workout, Jenny is wearing her 6lbs BodyRock Weighted HIIT vest, and will using the ‘Pink Thing’ Dynamic HIIT resistance band. 

BodyRock HIIT Vest

The Visual Workout Breakdown and Trainer Tips. 

Exercise #1: Push Up into 10 Mountain Climbers. 

Push ups to mountain climbers

Push ups for this exercise combination can be done from your knees. 

Push ups to mountain climbers

If you struggle with doing these movements on the floor, you can bring it up off of the ground and use a chair or sofa. This will make both the push ups and mountain climbers easier to perform. You can also bring the level of difficulty down even further, by doing the push ups from your knees, while keeping your hands firmly planted on your couch or chair. See below. 

Push ups to mountain climbers

Push ups to mountain climbers

Exercise #2: Single Arms Rows with the ‘Pink Thing”. 

Single Arm Rows

Hinge at the hip, but keep your back straight and flat. Use your free hand to ‘tap’ your abs and core to ensure that it’s tight and engaged. ‘Tapping’ is a great way to remind yourself to squeeze the muscles that you are focusing on targeting. Do your best to remember to keep this mind-body awareness for the full 12 minutes. BodyRock Pink Thing

Single Arm Rows

This is a great movement for toning the arms, biceps and mid-back. 

Exercise #3: Dead Bugs.

Dead Bugs

Remember that you can tap your heels down, or even rest them between movements on the floor. 

If you are looking to take this exercise up a level, you can use your BodyRock Weighted HIIT Vest to load extra resistance into the movement. 

Dead Bug

Exercise #4: Squat to Curtsey Lunge. 

Squat to Curtsey Lunge

Look at Jenny’s foot placement here. Her back foot lands well behind and to the side to get into the ‘Curtsey’ position for the lunge. By getting your foot behind and to the side, you are creating balance - if your foot lands directly behind your front food, that’s when you will become wobbly. If you are struggling to get your foot into the correct position to give it stability, try a regular back lunge. 

Squat to Curtsey Lunge

Squat to Curtsey Lunge

Come down as far as you can for each of the Squats. Work against your personal best, and give it 100% of your max effort - whatever that looks like for you.

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Today’s Positive Boost. 

This journey is going to test you. You will face temptation. You will face intentional sabotage. You won’t get the reaction that you are looking for from people that you expected to support you. You will likely have to let go of some people, places and relationships that no longer serve you. Anything worthwhile in your life that you undertake the quest to pursue is likely going to cause waves in your current state of being. Getting in shape is bloody hard, but it doesn’t have to be complicated

1. Devote yourself to the pursuit of your fitness. Give yourself 6 months or a year to push against this goal - and don’t waver in your commitment. Discover what is possible when you put yourself fully into the quest. Show up here, every damn day and do your 12 Minute HIIT. Tell yourself that come hell or high water, you will make these 12 Minutes Happen, as consistently as you can make yourself. 

2. Follow a Meal Plan - and it doesn’t even have to be one of ours. Stop wandering around without a guide or without food boundaries. You are likely not a registered dietician or nutritionist, and our educational system doesn’t teach us how to eat well. It’s not your fault that you don’t know how to eat, what to eat, or when to eat - but knowing that you don’t have the knowledge or the skills to establish a balanced, healthy and enjoyable relationship to what you eat, so for god sake invest in solving for this. I happen to know that our Meal Plans have helped tens of thousands of people - particularly the Intermittent Fasting Plan, which shifts the focus from what you are eating to when you are eating - all without counting calories, or restricting you from eating your favourite meals. Our general Meal Plan covers meat and veggie eaters, while or Vegan Plan is for people that fully power their bodies from Plant sources. 

3. Tell yourself something positive every time you BodyRock with us. It was actually Coach Sean that started the tradition before each of his workouts to ‘tell yourself something positive’. Physical movement is just the catalyst for all of the positive changes that come with fitness. Maybe you don’t have a positive internal dialogue with yourself right now. That’s ok, but we need to fix that. Each time you get ready to move, be thankful that you can. Basic gratitude is a great place to start. 

I hope this has found a way to connect with you today. Often people write me that my posts are ‘exactly what they needed to hear’ - here is trusting that these words find you if you need them. 

Enjoy today’s 12 Minute HIIT.




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