BodyRock 12 Minute HIIT Workout #14: ‘Leg Death’

Hi BodyRockers,

Heat warning. This workout burned 220 calories in just 12 minutes (and that’s not even counting the hours long after-burn that will elevate your burn for up to the next 36 hours). Simply put, this HIIT workout is extremely efficient at burning calories and excess body fat. 

Coach Sean leads BodyRock HIIT Workout #14

Coach Sean leads you through BodyRock HIIT Workout #14 - full of all kinds of moves that target the legs & core. 

Today we have an absolute monster workout for you guys. It’s a bit extra special because there are some exercises in this workout that I’m willing to bet that you have never tried before - and one of our favourite things to do here at BodyRock is teach people brand spanking new moves that help you guys reach your fitness and strength goals that much faster. Today we have an abs and core move that is so FIRE that coach Sean had to do the whole thing in the beginner modification because it was so intense. 

Lot’s going on today, so lets get to it. 

The workout. We are calling  this one ‘leg death’ because its going to absolutely crush your lower body, while sculpting your abs and core like Leonardo Da Vinci. We keep hammering in to you guys to keep the muscle groups that you are working engaged. Keeping your mind-muscle focus will ensure that you are getting maximum returns each time to train with us through these 12 minute HIIT workouts. Stay present. Stay focused. 

The Exercises in todays 12 Minute HIIT workout: 

Note. Every exercise in this workout has a beginner modification. Sean often starts in beginner mode, and then ‘levels up’ to a more advanced variation of the exercise. Listen for his cues. Stop the video if you need to practice a move first, pause if you need a personal time out to catch your breath or get a sip of water. The first rule of BodyRock is that we make it work on an individual level first - this is your workout, make it work for you

The Full Workout Video.

The complete workout breakdown: 

1. Sprinter Steps - Right Side (with the BodyRock weighted vest and ankle weights).

Sprinter Step Exercise

Sprinter Step Exercise

Weighted vest

Sean is wearing the Black 10lbs BodyRock Weighted Vest. We suggest that you start with our 6lbs version if you are just getting started. You will be shocked at how much extra burn you get just by snapping on the vest. 

2. Lateral Lunge into Sprinter Steps - Right Side (with BodyRock weighted vest and ankle weights). Sean’s heart rate hit 130bpm here*

Lateral lunge

Lateral lunge exercise

Squat exercise


Sprinter Lunge Exercise

3. Lateral Lunge to Squat to Curtsy Lunge - Left Side (with BodyRock weighted vest and ankle weights). 

Lateral lunge

Lateral lunge

Curtsy lunge

4. Sprinter Steps - Left Side.

Sprinter step exercise

5. Lateral Lunge into Sprinter Steps - Right Side (with BodyRock weighted vest and ankle weights). 

Lateral Lunge

Sprinter touch downs

6. Lateral Lunge to Squat to Curtsy Lunge - Right Side (with BodyRock weighted vest and ankle weights). 

Curtsy Lunge


7. Butt Kicks. Sean’s heart rate hit 144 here*

Butt Kickers

8. Bear Crawl Ankle Taps - Left Side (the ankle weights make this a core killer). This exercise looks incredibly easy, but it absolutely murders your abs. 

Bear Crawl Ankle Taps

Bear Crawl Ankle Taps Core Exercise

BodyRock Ankle Weights

Sean (and all of our Coaches and Trainers) wear the BodyRock Ankle weights. 

9. Bear Crawl Ankle Taps - Right Side.

Bear Crawl Ankle Tap

10. Donkey Kick Extensions - Left Side.

Donkey Kick Extension Exercise

Donkey Kick Extensions

11. Donkey Kick Extensions - Right Side. The sweat is literally dripping off Sean here…

Donkey Kick extension exercise

Donkey Kick Extension

12. Frogger Lift Holds. 

Frogger Butt Lift Exercise

Frogger Butt Lift Glute Bridge Exercise

Tap or even grab your glutes to make sure that you are fully engaging the muscle with each rep and hold. 

13. BONUS ‘Pink Thing’ Resistance Band Leg Extension ‘Machine’ exercise.

Pink Thing Leg Extension Exercise

Check the end of the video for this bonus exercise tutorial. Sean shows you how to set up the Pink Thing resistance band to replicate a popular leg extension machine at the gym. 

Pink Thing Band

The Gear:

Today we are using the BodyRock weighted vest, BodyRock Ankle weights, and we have a Bonus move that you can try with the ‘Pink Thing’ Dynamic HIIT Resistance Band. When you get your gear from us, you help support the channel. As always, you can do these moves with your Bodyweight only (no gear). 

BodyRock Training System

To take this bodyweight HIIT workout to the next level, increase your burn and to follow along with all of our workouts just like the trainers, consider picking up the BodyRock Training System - the only kit that you will ever need to follow along with our workouts, and get into the best shape of your life at home, or wherever you like to train. The kit is backed up by our trainers and ongoing workouts - you will always have a new workout to enjoy, with fresh new moves. 

Today’s Positive Boost. 

Look at you. This is just workout #14 in this series and even if you are just finding us now, or you’ve only watched up until this point - I want you to give yourself some kudos. The truth is, as I’m sitting here writing this over looking English Bay and the mouth to the Pacific Ocean in beautiful downtown Vancouver Canada, I feel like I already know you, like we kindred spirits. You see, I’m sitting here editing the videos, building these workout posts, trying to bring something I’m deeply passionate to life - namely this company, community, movement - ‘BodyRock’ in my attempt to bring the best workouts in the world to everyone who is looking for a solution to their fitness and wellness that comes from the heart. If I’m also radically honest, I want to create a workout movement so powerful and efficient that it delivers a better than gym quality workout in just 12 minutes a day. 

I’m at the beginning of this quest as I hammer out these words at my favourite Starbucks (what I like to call ‘the office’). I’m telling you all of this to share my big audacious goal with you - and the truth is, I’m not even close to that goal yet. But here I am, at the beginning of something that I’ve started to take daily action towards, and I know, if I put my focus into being consistent (rather than just being motivated) I will inch my way towards the accomplishment of my goal. 

It’s the exact same with any goal that you might have - fitness, strength, weight loss - whatever your deeply held want is - it might not look like you are even close to the outcome that you want, but let me share what I know to be true just 14 videos into my quest. I’m closer than I was when I stared. I’m closer to my goal with workout #14 than I was at workout #13. I’m getting closer to my ultimate goal every time I show up and deliver you guys my best - and what we have in common in all of this is that you and I, can move forward towards our goals, day by day, in just 12 minutes at a time. 

I hope that you will join me. We are cooking up some big dreams here. This is a place where dreams are met with consistent action, where our efforts compound day by day. This is a place where we make dreams happen by taking responsibility for them. 

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout. If you feel yourself getting behind what we are doing here, and feel like joining this merry band of dream chasers and quest takers, please consider supporting this channel by subscribing to our fitness streaming service: At you will have unlimited access to our full workout library - ad and commercial free - with the ability to stream on any OTT device, like AppleTV, Amazon, Roku, SmartTV’s etc. As always, the community support is what makes BodyRock possible, so thank you for your support. 






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