BodyRock 12 Minute HIIT Workout #20

Hi BodyRockers,

We’ve hit workout #20 in this new series, and today we have Jessie in to lead a full body workout with some extra love for the big, fat burning muscle groups in the lower body. Muscle activation has been a bit of a theme in the last few workouts, we are trying to forge that mind-body connection, and make sure that you are engaging the muscles that we are training. It’s remarkably easy to go through an entire workout without properly firing your muscles, and with just 12 minutes in play, we want to make sure that we keep our focus and form spot on. 

The Workout Video:

The Gear: For today’s workout, Jessie is optimizing her calorie burn and building strength and fat burning lean muscle tone by wearing the BodyRock Weighted HIIT exercise vest, and her HIIT Ankle weights

BodyRock Weighted HIIT exercise vest

BodyRock Weighted HIIT exercise vest

The Workout Breakdown: Today’s 12 Minute full body HIIT workout is 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, for 12 rounds. Push to your maximum capacity for each round, modifying the exercises where and when necessary. Pay attention to Jessie for cues and tips. For this workout, we are trying to ensure that the muscle groups that we are targeting are fully engaged and ‘turned on’ so that every round and rep in this HIIT workout is as effective as possible. 

Exercise #1: Sumo Jack Hops.

Sumo Squats

If you need a lower impact variation of the Sumo Jack Hop, you can eliminate the jump completely. 

Sumo Squats

Get your glutes (booty) as far back as you can, while keeping your knees behind your toes. Try not to let your knees collapse inwards. The Sumo Squat is a wide stance squat, so make sure your feet are more than shoulder width apart. Imagine that you are trying to sit back on a chair. Squeeze (fire) your glutes at the bottom and top of this movement. 

Exercise #2: Fire Hydrants to Heel Kick Outs.

Fire Hydrants to Heel Kick Outs.

Arms, under shoulders, back straight and flat, knees under hips for the ‘table-top’ starting position. 

Fire Hydrants to Heel Kick Outs.

Bring the leg up into the hydrant position. If this is far as you can go due to your mobility, stop here and reset the movement. The HIIT Ankle weights will absolutely light up your backside with this exercise. 

Fire Hydrants to Heel Kick Outs.

If you have the strength and mobility, try to extend your leg out, with your heel leading the way. 

Fire Hydrants to Heel Kick Outs.

Repeat the movement on the opposite side. 

Exercise #3: Leg Extension Tap Downs. 

Leg Extension Tap Downs

Leg Extension Tap Downs

Once you have established the starting ‘table-top’ position, extend one leg out and rest the tip of your foot on the floor. Squeeze (fire) the muscles in your extended leg and butt. 

Leg Extension Tap Downs

Lift the extended leg up - firing your leg muscles and butt. Squeeze at the top of the exercise and repeat the movement. With so much of the focus of the exercise on your leg and butt, don’t forget to fire your core and abs the whole time. Keep your belly tight, pulling it up towards your spine. 

Exercise #4: Heel Tap Downs with Crunch. 

Heel Tap Downs with Crunch.

Keep your head and neck slightly elevated for this exercise. You can support your head by interlacing your fingers behind the base of your scull. 

Heel Tap Downs with Crunch.

It’s critical to keep your lower back firmly pressed into the floor for this move. Arching or pulling your back away from the floor will create tension in the lower back, and take the emphasis away from your core and abs. 

Heel Tap Downs with Crunch.

 And done! When was the last time your gym workout made you feel like this?!?

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It matters - because you matter. 

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We’ve designed these workouts to give you a better than gym quality workout in just 12 Minutes. That’s fast man. Fast and powerful. You have 12 Minutes in You. Choose consistency over motivation. Push through your anger and frustrations. Get it done. 



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