BodyRock 12 Minute HIIT Workout #21

Hi BodyRockers,

Today’s workout is #21 in our BodyRock 12 Minute HIIT workout series. 

First, welcome to all the new BodyRockers that have joined us on our fitness streaming platform - we hope you are enjoying the workouts commercial free and on your favourite screen / device. 

A few things to get you guys pumped…

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, if you push this 12 Minute HIIT workout to your max level, it will absolutely destroy a full hour of you wandering around a gym doing this and that. Studies have shown 10 minute HIIT workouts out perform 45 minute jogs. Combining HIIT with strength and resistance training is the most effective workout ever devised for fat loss. You can get the extra benefit of strength training simply by wearing your weights - snapping on our BodyRock Weighted HIIT Exercise Vest and HIIT Ankle Weights transforms every movement into a strength training exercise, unlocking the incredible fat burning powers of resistance training. 

BodyRock trainer Jesica

We are serving you up the most powerful workout that exists for fat loss and general athletic conditioning, and we are giving it to you in a supercharged, highly efficient 12 minute doses. Pair this up with a meal plan (like our intermittent fasting plan for women) and you will be unstoppable in just 12 minutes per day. 

Now with that power for change at your fingertips, lets break down todays workout with Jessica. 

The Workout. 

The Gear. 

Today we are using the BodyRock Weighted HIIT Exercise Vest and our HIIT Ankle Weights. To take it up another notch, consider adding our HIIT Wrist Weights to tone your arms and upper body. 

BodyRock Weighted HIIT Vest & HIIT Ankle Weights

The Workout Breakdown and trainer tips. 

This workout is 12 minutes long - with 12 rounds of 50 seconds of ‘work’, 10 seconds of ‘rest’ in between rounds. During each 50 second ‘work’ interval, push to your maximum best effort. This workout has 2 great abs exercises that allow you to target the core, without the usual crunches and neck strain. If you need to take a break, pause the video, but do your best to make it through and keep moving. Keep your mind-muscle focus; keep your core and glutes turned ‘on’ and engaged. 

Exercise #1: Sumo Squats. 

How to do a Sumo Squat

Follow along with Jessica’s set up. Sumo Squats require a wider stance than regular crunches. 

How to do a Sumo Squat

Your stance should be wider than shoulder width. 

How to do a Sumo Squat

Toes pointing slightly outwards. Stand tall. 

How to do a Sumo Squat

At the top of the exercise, before you start to lower down into your first Squat, ensure that your core is locked and engaged. Tense your abs. Squats are one of the best abs / core exercises (in addition to being great for the glutes / legs), but to get the full benefit, you need to keep your core tight. 

How to do a Sumo Squat

Drop down into your Squat. Get down as low as you can, aiming to get your ass parallel with your knees. Interlocking your hands can provide balance and stability, and also help you keep your muscles engaged. The extra Resistance provided by the Weighted HIIT Exercise Vest will help to ignite your glutes and thighs. 

How to do a Sumo Squat

As you rise up from the Squat, check back in with your core - you can see in the video that Jessica is flexing her core and keeping her abs engaged throughout the movement. 

Exercise #2: Fire Hydrants. 

How to do a Fire Hydrant Exercise

This exercise is an absolute classic. Adding the HIIT Ankle Weights, optimizes each rep and lift. Set up in the quadruped position, flat back mimicking a straight table-top. Hands lined up under the shoulders. Before you lift your leg, lock your stomach, pulling your belly up towards your spine. Tap your belly to make sure it’s turned on.  

How to do a Fire Hydrant Exercise

Lift the leg, while doing your absolute best not to over-rotate your hip. We are still trying to maintain table-top position. Don’t swing your legs. Keep the movement slow and controlled, up and down - controlling both directions of the exercise. 

How to do a Fire Hydrant Exercise

We are aiming to bring the leg up parallel (as shown above), but this level of strength and mobility might not be possible out of the gate. If you can only bring your leg up half way to where Jessica is, thats 100% ok, it’s something that we can help you strengthen and progress over time as we train with you consistently. Do your best.

HIIT Ankle Weights  

How to do a Fire Hydrant Exercise

Repeat the movement on the other side for 25 seconds (Jessica will signal you when to switch sides). 

How to do a Fire Hydrant Exercise

BodyRock HIIT Weighted Exercise Vest

For those of you wondering what sets our Weighted Vests apart, you can see in this shot that our vests have tightening straps located on either side - so you can adjust the fit, custom to your body and what feels good when you are moving. Our Vests also won’t bleed colours and dyes on your skin and workout clothing (unlike most of the cheap vests on Amazon). 

Exercise #3: Ukrainian Twists

How to do a Russian Twist Exercise

During the 10 seconds of rest, position yourself down on the floor. 

How to do a Russian Twist Exercise

With your feet slightly elevated and your shoulders back, begin rotating side to side, leading with your hands or clenched interlocked fists.

How to do a Russian Twist Exercise

This is not a big movement - but it’s crucial to keep your core tense and engaged the whole time. If you release your core during this exercise, you lose the benefits of the movement. 

How to do a Russian Twist Exercise

If keeping your heels elevated is too challenging, or it’s just not happening today, you can either, A) Tap your heels down briefly as you rotate your hands side to side, or, B) you can keep your heels grounded and just lean back while rotating side to side. Experiment and find a variation that works for you. If you are going to modify this exercise to bring down the intensity level, challenge yourself to try 1 rep at the advanced level. 

Exercise #4: Heel Touch Side Crunches.  

How to do Heel Side Crunches

Reach down and touch your HIIT Ankle Weights (or the side of the heel of your shoes). As you bend into the movement, flex your entire core. You can adjust the difficulty by brining your feet closer or further away from your butt. If you can’t yet reach that far to make contact with your heels, thats ok - do your best - even if you are just moving an inch or two to start. We are making you stronger with every single breath, every single attempt is a victory. 

How to do Heel Side Crunches

Switch back and forth from side to side at a pace that feels challenging. 

Congratulations for smashing today’s 12 Minute HIIT Abs & Ass Workout!

Congratulations! Workout Complete!

That’s today’s workout. Let me say a big thank-you to our new members, over a dozen of you joined this past weekend by taking advantage of our yearly membership for just $69 (use code: NY22 at checkout to get this special annual price).

As you guys know, everything we do here is community supported - so when you choose us for your fitness gear, or for a streaming membership on, it helps us to keep the workouts flowing. Having a free, ad-supported version of our workouts was also important to us, because our mission is to help as many people as possible find fitness, and get in the best shape of their lives. 

Thanks and I hope that you enjoy your workout!



I spoke to a close friend today, who was questioning her worth around something that she wanted; a goal she had set for herself around her career. I listened to this smart, beautiful, educated woman shrink down as she described her hesitation around claiming what she wanted. I say ‘claim’ because what she wanted was within her grasp. All she had to do was show up. I looked at her and told her from the heart that she was a strong, confident woman who was worthy of what she wanted. I didn’t do it to blow smoke up her ass, I did it because it was the truest form of support that I could in that moment. She looked at me, smiled, and then said ‘you’re right’. 

Everyone needs positive reassurance now and then, and if that is where you are, sitting on the fence of your intentions, unsure about your worthiness, let me be a friend to you in this moment. You are worth it. Decide, and then go after it. This is your life, and guess what, it goes fast. Live to be your best self. Give yourself permission to show up for you. If you need a co-sign, then here it is: get going after your dreams. 



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