BodyRock 12 Minute HIIT Workout #27

Hi BodyRockers, 

After a short summer hiatus, we are back with BodyRock 12 Minute HIIT Workout #27, a full body HIIT with 2 new exercises that we have not done so far in this series. Bringing you guys new exercises each workout is us trying to expand your fitness vocabulary, teach you new ways to move and connect with your body, but also as a means to steadily increase your consistency by keeping things fresh. 

When you are just starting out, or picking fitness back up after a break, the world can seem pretty small and limited. Part of what we want to prove to you is that you are capable, you can practice the best new exercises, and for you or anyone else that has set the intention to get leaner, fitter, faster; stronger - there are more and better options available than just ‘moving more’ or going for walks. 

The HIIT List Text Number

Text us at 1-775-254-9738, and get free workouts set directly to your phone. Never miss your workout again! Studies have shown that a simple workout reminder helps to overcome up to 90% of our resistance to exercise. 

Walks are great, and I highly recommend them as part of your overall strategy, but you can also get a better than gym quality workout at home, you can train HIIT, you can add strength and resistance training - all of the best, proven strategies for losing fat, shedding excess padding, and getting athletic muscle tone. Most fitness programs require you to be fit to participate. We make you fit while you participate. 

The Workout Video: 

After you review the workout breakdown below, press play on the workout above and follow along with Jenny as she leads you through the full 12 Minute HIIT Workout.  

The Full Workout Breakdown:

BodyRock HIIT Workout #27 Jenny Lamb

This workout is 12 Minutes Long, with 3 Rounds X 4 Exercises. Press play on the full workout video below, and follow along with Jenny as she leads you through the workout and teaches you proper form and exercise performance tips. Listen for cues and push yourself to your max effort (whatever that feels like for you today). At BodyRock we support each other and compete against ourselves. Give this workout your best effort, and strive towards making it your best one yet. 

The HIIT Workout Gear:

HIIT Wrist Weights

For this workout, Jenny is wearing the HIIT Wrist Weights, which add the gas to the fat burning component of this workout by optimizing her upper body movements with 2lbs of resistance on each to each arm. Adding this extra resistance will up her calorie burn and help sculpt her shoulders, while building lean muscle which will increase her body’s ability to burn fat long after the workout has been completed. To dramatically increase your results, snap on the HIIT Weighted Vest and HIIT Ankle Weights and take your workout to the next level. 

HIIT Wearable Weights Collection

Exercise #1: Squat Press to Arnold Press. 

Squat Press to Arnold Press Exercise

This move will sculpt your Quads, Core, Shoulders & Arms. It’s a powerful, full body exercise that fires up multiple muscle groups. 

Squat Press to Arnold Press Exercise

Any Squat exercise is excellent for your abs and core - to target your abs, clench and activate your core. Use your core to stabilize the entire movement. You can see from this video still that Jenny’s abs are locked tight and working throughout the exercise. 

Squat Press to Arnold Press Exercise

Exercise #2: Curtsey Lunge Side Booty Pulse.

Curtsey Lunge Pulse Exercise

This move is great for the full lower body, and targets the side glute muscles. The pulse is going to light you up, and depending on your endurance, it’s going to burn you out pretty fast. Keep the pulse up as long as possible, but if it becomes too much, you can drop it. 

Curtsey Lunge Side Booty Pulse.

If the pulse empties your tank, start skipping it, or try for the pulses every other squat. The idea here is to try easier modifications instead of quitting or stopping. Taking a break is ok, but try a back up modification and attempt to keep going first - even if it’s just for 1-2 reps. Every time you push, even if it’s just 1 extra rep, you are getting stronger and more capable. 

Exercise #3: Single Leg Deadlift with Row. 

Single Leg Deadlift with Row.

This exercise is going to test your balance. Losing balance can be intensely frustrating, and might trigger thoughts of quitting. If your ego throws it’s rattle out of the playpen, you might get tempted to skip this entire exercise. Have a quiet word with your ego, or allow yourself to chuckle at your frustrations. Balance, like endurance, agility and co-ordination, takes time to establish. Allow yourself the experience of gradual improvement. We will work with you to improve. Don’t take yourself too seriously. 

BodyRock HIIT Weighted Exercise Vest

Exercise #4: Hammer Curl to Arm Extension. 

Hammer Curl to Arm Extension.

This exercise sculpts the side of the shoulders, and arms. It will give you lean, athletic muscle tone that looks incredible in anything sleeveless, like tank tops or summer dresses. Surface benefits aside, it will also increase your upper body strength and conditioning, which will make lifting heavy objects above your head easier. 

Hammer Curl to Arm Extension.

The HIIT Wrist Weights are going to light up your upper body and bring the benefits of strength training to this movement. 

Hammer Curl to Arm Extension.

Even though we are focusing on the upper body and shoulders for this exercise, don’t forget to engage your core. Jenny is actively engaging her core throughout this movement. 

BodyRock HIIT Workout #27 Jenny

Congrats! You just smashed out todays 12 Minute HIIT Workout!

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I hope that you have enjoyed today’s HIIT Workout, please let me know what I can do to improve this series, I would love to hear your ideas and feedback. 




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