BodyRock #3 ‘First Class’ Full Body Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Today’s BodyRock workout is being hosted by Jessica, who is completely new to filming workouts and teaching video based classes. Thankfully, she has plenty of experience at helping people get in the best shapes of their lives. 

Jessica has had her own incredible fitness journey, finding fitness and completely transforming her body (and life) in the last two years, doing the same types of exercises that she will be leading you through today. 

For this workout, we will be doing 4 exercises, for 3 rounds at 50:10 work / rest intervals. If that seems complicated, don’t worry, all you need to do is press play and follow along with Jessica. 

All you need for today’s workout are the wrist / ankle weights, and your core band. If you want to take your burn up a notch and start to see results even faster, snap on our 6lbs weighted vest. The moves are all body weight based, and even if you don’t have exactly the same gear as Jessica, you can easily modify or skip the gear altogether. 

As we roll more and more of these workouts out, you will notice that we are making little course corrections and changes to the format as we go. We are doing this to improve, and to make steady gains on delivering the best workout that we can for you each day. Please let us know how we can improve, we love to hear from you guys.

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Amazing video nice to see a transformation like that so motivating!

Alyssa May 26, 2022

Once a bodybuilder with excellent discipline and measurements, following some pituitary and related metabolic dysfxn, I too have gained weight: 32lbs extra and 24-25% body fat. I feel so sluggish. Medication is needed however my fitness even more-so… it is only after a workout that I feel positive snd less slow. I appreciate the reliable encouragement snd good values from BodyRock. Im an 8 year Body Rocker!

Chana H May 24, 2022

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