BodyRock #5 Full Body HIIT Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Today Jenny is back with another 12 Minute HIIT workout, and we are going back downstairs to activate your legs, glutes and thighs - the biggest fat burning muscle groups in the body. Because we are training for just 12 minutes, to deliver the optimal results, we want to make sure we engage, tone and sculpt all the major muscle groups, but paying special attention to the lower body to get as much bang as possible from today’s session. 

BodyRock Coach Jenny

Coach Jenny leads todays BodyRock 12 Minute HIIT workout. 

The workout is 12 minutes in duration, with 4 exercises and 3 rounds of movement. The intervals are 50 seconds of ‘work’ and 10 seconds of ‘rest’, which in reality is just enough time to take a breath and set up for the next movement. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry, just follow along with Coach Jenny and listen for her cues. If you need to pause to take a break, or practice a movement, that’s ok. 

The full workout video: 

The Gear: Jenny is wearing the BodyRock 6lbs weighted vest for this workout. You can also level up your burn by adding the BodyRock wrist and ankle weights

BodyRock HIIT weighted vest

The Full Kit: We have put all the gear that we use in our BodyRock workouts into one, all-in-one Kit - The BodyRock Training System. This kit includes all the gear that is being used by all the trainers - so no matter what exercise they come up with, you will have exactly the same gear that they are using to take their burn to the next level and drive results that much faster. Use code ‘FREESHIP’ at checkout to get your kit for just $149 with free shipping. 

The BodyRock Training System

The Full Workout Breakdown: 

1. Exercise #1: Air Plane to Reverse Lunge to Forward Lunge - Right Side. 

Air Plane Exercise

Air Plane Advanced

Even if your balance is not quite there yet, try a few reps. You can also set a chair beside you to help with your balance (keep one hand on the back of the chair and use it to help with your balance. You can also try the beginner version of this exercise that Jenny teaches you in the workout video. The beginner version of this exercise looks like this:

Beginner Modification

Reverse lunge

Forward lunge

Forward lunge

2. Exercise #2: Air Plane to Reverse Lunge to Forward Lunge - Left Side. 

Air Plane Exercise

3. Exercise #3: Side Plank (25 seconds per side). Listen to cues here to switch sides. 

Side Plank Hold

If the Side Plank is too difficult, you can level down by dropping you knee. Jenny also shows you different ways to stack your feet to make this exercise more comfortable. The knee down variation of this exercise looks like this:

Beginner variation of the side plank exercise.

4. Exercise #4: Broad Jump to Reverse High Knees.

Broad Jump

Broad Jump

Drive your Butt back and engage it pre-jump. 

Broad Jump

Broad Jump

Land softly on the balls of your feet. You don’t have to attempt a world Broad-Jump record here. Jumping forward even a few steps is perfect. If you can’t jump, or need a lower impact move to replace the Broad Jump, you can ‘Monster’ walk forward to replace the jump. The monster walk looks like this: 

Monster Walks

High Knee Exercise

Reverse High Knees to get back into position. You can also turn it around and face forward for these High Knees if it feels more comfortable for you. 

Jenny’s Diet & Meal Plan. 

Intermittent Fasting Plan

Jenny maintains her lean, athletic physique and supports her training by following our Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan. Intermittent fasting shifts the focus from what you are eating to when you are eating, meaning there is no need to restrict food choices or count calories. Use code: FAST10 to pick up our Intermittent Fasting Plan for just $10.   

Today’s Positive Boost:

99% of the posts, articles and news items about exercise takes the tone of trying to convince people that fitness is something that they should be doing. The thing about the word ‘should’ is that it’s only ever really used when you feel compelled to do something - not when you actually want to do something. 

I get it. No one, even our trainers and coaches, wants to exercise every time they know that they should. But what would happen if we started to instead focus on how freakin great a good workout actually makes you feel. Because exercise can be pleasurable - movement can make you feel amazing. There is the feeling of accomplishment in getting your 12 Minute HIIT completed, there is also a knowing that you pushed yourself to your max effort, and that it’s getting easier for you to apply focused action against your goals. There is the physical pleasure in the burn itself, in feeling your muscles stretch and tighten, in standing in your own physicality with confidence. There is a lot going on when you consistently start to train - especially when you align your diet and food intake - that brings a lot of noticeable pleasure to your day. Start to enjoy your new training regime, notice when things feel good. Allow yourself to enjoy it. 

Free Workout Alert

We have a new free workout Alert - text us and we will send you free workouts when they drop. Just text us at 1-775-254-9738 (United States / Canada). It’s a great way to stay accountable. 

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Too Sexy?? NEVER! I aspire to that ass!! Stop it ladies, we aren’t doing these workouts just because!! Im looking for smoother, firmer & more lifted features!!!

Victoria May 31, 2022

Loved the short workout.. it was intense enough to hit all areas and give a good sweat.. If I wanted more I could pair 2 work outs for a real good time.. lol

Maria Brown May 30, 2022

I am a BodyRock product user/customer.I swear by my weighted vest and pink thingy. I also find the pic very ‘unclassy’. It does not show the strength and power and over all image that your fierce trainers usually embody. It is just a typical ‘unattainable’ and offputting image that are everywhere nowadays- not motivating or realistic rather an bit lofty and sexualizing workouts. Just my opinion- I want to try the 12 min series.

Michele May 30, 2022

I have been a member and have loved your site and products for the most part. But today’s photo for the 12 min. TMI!!! Disrespectful.

Tamra May 27, 2022

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