BodyRock #6 Lower Body HIIT workout - ‘This is what you came for’

Hi BodyRockers,

BodyRock workout #6 is named ‘This is what you came for’ because this workout is lower body intensive, and I know that you are looking for a workout that will activate those powerful fat burning muscles in your lower half. So think legs, calves, booty and thighs for this workout. Just don’t forget that squats are amazing for your core as well - the squat is rated more effective for engaging your core than traditional sit-ups, so take advantage and remember to keep your core engaged throughout the full 12 minutes. 

Listen to Coach Lisa for cues - there are a few really great form tips in today’s workout - particularly around hinging your body during the backward step (lunge) exercise.

Remember - it’s just 12 minutes. Push yourself to your personal max effort. When the final beep sounds, at a beginner or advanced fitness level, you shouldn’t have any gas left in your tank. Go at your personal best pace - only you know what that authentically feels like - and hold the line for each of the 50 second ‘work’ intervals. I want you to recognize - even if just momentarily, the feeling when you hit your best effort. Hold knowing that you are capable of hitting your best - even if it’s just for 1 rep in the whole damn workout. That instant will resonate - even for just the space of a breath. That’s the spark - the foundation. Every time you train with us, we will work together with you to extend and expand the magic of that feeling for longer into your workout, knowing that you will carry the confidence of that spark into the other areas of your life. 

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To Amanda, who emailed in asking out the trainers diets, Coach Lisa and Coach Jenny both intermittent fast, and they follow our Intermittent Fasting ‘Shred Fast’ meal plan that you can check out here

Thank you for the comments and feedback on workout #5. There was some concern about that workout thumbnail image (see below) was either too ‘sexy’ or ‘explicit’. Would love to get a bit more feedback on our thumbnail designs - we want to feature the body parts that are being primarily targeted in the workouts, and people also tend to find images of athletic muscle tone inspirational. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

This week we will be doing our best to release a workout Monday to Friday, so check back in with us each day for the next release. Please let your friends and family know about our us, we always love to welcome new BodyRocker’s.



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