BodyRock #8 Abs & Ass 12 Minute HIIT workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Today we are dropping BodyRock 12 Minute HIIT workout #8, with Coach Jessica.

BodyRock Coach Trainer Jessica

This workout is heavily focused on the abs and ass, but will also deliver a full body tune up. This is such a great HIIT workout for beginners, or if you need a lower intensity workout for recovery. This 12 Minute HIIT can also be added to the end of any of your other favourite workouts - it’s a perfect off ramp to wind down. That’s not to say that this routine is not challenging - it’s just that there is not a lot of jumping around in this workout session. 

The Gear. 

BodyRock Ankle Weights

To up your burn and get results faster, you can add Jessica’s wrist / ankle weights to this workout (she has her’s on) or consider leveling up with a 6lbs weighted vest. *We have a free shipping sale happening now - use code: FREESHIP.

BodyRock weighted HIIT vest

Adding extra weight directly to your body leaves your hands free for balance and support, while dialing up the strengtgh training component which is what is going to increase your strength and endurance, and help build those long, lean, fat burning muscles that gives people their athletic looking definition. 

The Full Workout Video:

The Full Workout Breakdown and trainer tips. 

Intervals: 50 seconds of ‘work’, 10 seconds of ‘rest’ x 12 rounds. 

Exercise #1: Curtsey Lunge (25 seconds per side). 

 Standing Curtsey Lunge Exercise

Standing Curtsey Lunge Exercise

Standing Curtsey Lunge Exercise

Make sure that you aren’t going straight backwards with your lunge action. The Curtsy lunge actually goes back and to the side. If you are struggling with the motion and your overall balance, that’s ok. Place your hand on a chair beside you for stability, or if you are new to lunges, stick with a straight back lunge movement. 

Exercise #2: Standing Leg Kickbacks (wall supported). This is an absolute retro classic exercise, that has stood the test of time. Slipping on the BodyRock 2lbs Ankle Weights will make this exercise even more effective and bring more resistance to your booty. 

Standing leg kickbacks

Standing leg kickbacks

Lift your leg as high as you can, you can even hold a second between reps at the top. Jessica has great leg mobility, but if you can’t get your leg that high, don’t sweat it. Lift as high as you can (even if it’s just an inch or two off the ground). As we continue to train together, you will become more flexible and agile.  

Exercise #3: Alternating Bird Dogs 

 Bird Dog Exercise

Bird Dog Exercise

Bird Dog Exercise

Bird Dog Exercise

Exercise #4: Plank Hold (25 seconds) followed by Plank Dips (25 seconds). 

Plank Hold

Watch that your bum isn’t positioned up in the air. For Planks, you want a nice, flat back - one straight line from the top of your head, down to your feet. Do the best that you can from your toes. If you need to make Planking easier, try it from your knees (see below). 

Plank Hold Beginner Variation

Today’s Positive Boost. I just wanted to share something while I have you guys here. I think it’s extremely brave to show up here each day, to strive for your personal best, when the world has turned into such a messy place. I think it’s brave to show up and keep fighting the good fight, despite what may have happened in the past. We all have challenges and struggles, but showing up for yourself each day, even if it’s just for 12 minutes, is telling your universe that you have faith and that you belive in yourself - that you are someone worthy of taking care of and showing up for. When you show up for yourself, it makes you better at showing up for others - be that at work, at home or with your family.

BodyRock Positive Boost

Remember to always tell yourself something positive when you BodyRock. We become what we think about all day long. 

Most people have taken a bit of a shit kicking the last few years - and it’s time to start looking forward again with renewed hope and expectation for a positive future. We are training our minds, hearts and spirits as much as our bodies when we BodyRock, resetting our emotional state and finding peace and strength inside and out. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick of feeling down and defeated. It’s time to start bucking up and standing back up for what we want in this life. Think about this during today’s 12 minutes. We are not victims, we are strong and making ourselves stronger and more capable every single day.

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