BodyRock #9 Full Body with Abs & Core Focus

Hi BodyRockers,

Today Coach Sean is here to lead you guys through a dynamic 12 minute HIIT that will tone all of the major muscle groups, while hammering the legs, thighs and lower body. There is a lot of core work baked into these exercises, even if this workout does not contain a single sit-up. 

The format should be starting to feel familiar if you have been following along so far, with 12 rounds of activity, 50 seconds ‘on’ where you follow Sean at your own pace, and 10 seconds of ‘rest’ where you essentially just have time to grab a sip of water and get yourself in position for the next exercise. Coach Sean is really good about pausing the timer to teach you the movements, and as he is fond of saying, if you need a pause, take one. 

The only gear that Sean uses in today’s workout is the BodyRock core band, which can be found here

Move at your own pace, but strive to hit your max effort - even if you can only hold that level for a rep or two. Part of this process, is recognizing what your best effort feels like, getting to know where your limits start, is the first step in moving beyond them. Over time, with consistent BodyRocking, you will start to feel yourself getting stronger, and you will experience what it’s like to evolve to a new level of endurance and capability. This can feel like shedding old skin, letting go of that heavy part of yourself that seemed so limited. 

All of this takes courage and a serious amount of discipline. We have the workouts that will transform your body. We have the meal plans that will support your training and help you shed excess body fat. It still takes you showing up, it takes you to recognize what we see in every member of our community - someone that deserves to be taken care of and supported on their journey. 

This is just the 9th workout we’ve dropped in this series (we are building it up to be a daily workout), and each day that we show up for you guys, we are going to try and teach you a new exercise, improve your form, encourage you to push to your personal best. Part of each post will be some positive reinforcement, or something positive for you to chew on throughout your day. 

If you want to get behind this movement, consider supporting this channel by becoming an official BodyRocker and subscribing to our fitness streaming service, Every new member helps us to bring our brand of fitness and community to the world. 



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