BodyRock Fit Moms: Meet Markie & Coti

Every week, we're celebrating fit and fearless Mamas in our BodyRock FitFam. These are the women who have every excuse not to workout, but who do it anyway, understanding that there's no good reason to ever neglect your health  — especially when you can smash out a killer workout in as little as 12 minutes.

Meet Markie!


BodyRock workouts have been great. They’ve helped to get me motivated to get back in shape after having my baby, which was difficult being completely sleep deprived. Lisa is always motivating. I love being able to workout at home and not have to travel to a gym. The different workouts keep me from getting bored. Having different length videos is also great.  You can pick a time based on how long the baby’s nap is! I kept working out right up until delivery day. Thanks for the fun workouts, BodyRock! Keep up the good work!


4 months postpartum

1 month postpartum.

Delivery day

Meet Coti!

I became a first time mom a little over three years ago. My daughter Coco was born on October 2, 2015. I tried to have a healthy pregnancy and tried to work out as much as possible, either with walks on my treadmill, swimming sessions or just joining my gym. For obvious reasons, I had to rest and take it easy for about six weeks after having Coco. My body needed to rest and make sure it was ready for motherhood, but as soon as my doctor gave me the OK to exercise,  I went back to running up and down the stairs of my apartment complex while my mom held Coco in her arms.


At about 18 months old, we decided to build our home in North Texas and knew I would no longer have the chance to working out while Coco was in the child care section of the gym. But this didn’t mean I wouldn’t be able to workout at all. I knew about BodyRock but up to that point, I never took the chance on it because I thought I needed a gym to have a good body. I thought I needed a room full of people to do something. I never knew I could find motivation within myself and a group of strangers online. 

My main motivation now is MYSELF.  I focus on how I can be better than myself  — not other women or mothers. I do what I do for ME, and also, to be an example for my Coco.

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