BodyRock Fit Moms: Meet Meghan & Christi

At the start of every week, we celebrate the fit and fierce Mama Bears who workout with us at BodyRock. Our aim: to share their stories to inspire you as much as they inspire us. These women are proof that there's no schedule too busy to fit in a workout.

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Meet Meghan & Christi!


Before becoming a mother, I was all but new to the world of working out. I was a long distance runner for 15 years. I started circuit training during medical school, as I needed an efficient workout to do on my non-running days. Once I finished my residency, I joined a bootcamp which I loved, especially as it allowed me to destress after work. I loved how when I was in the gym, my brain could completely divert away from my patients and refocus on reps, jumps and that long-awaited whistle. I didn't have to think  — the entire workout was laid right out for me. I even continued boot camp throughout my pregnancy and intended to continue post-partum.

Yes, that was the intention, she said. However living a 20 minute drive away from a gym is not compatible with getting to a 6pm bootcamp, especially when my husband doesn't get home until 5:55 a.m. And getting back into running wasn't workable with a kiddo who hated the jogging stroller. Using the treadmill was getting really old  — I missed the variety and intensity of bootcamp. I Googled for an online boot camp and found Sweatflix. My first workout was HIITMAX week one, day one. It was exactly what I was looking for. I was hooked. I found a quick, efficient and challenging workout that allowed me to maintain my fitness level in less than half the time of a bootcamp class without the travel or the need to get somewhere at a certain time. I loved the flexibility  — I started doing 12 minute workouts while my daughter, Addie, napped. If I was lucky, I could do four different workouts, however even if she woke up after 20 minutes I still felt like I whooped my ass.

Fast forward two years. Now, my husband and I do the Live workouts together while Addie plays, runs around with her 1 lb weights or jumps on her rebounder. She recognizes how important it is to "get the wiggles out" to recharge your brain and keep meltdowns at bay, and respects that Mommy and Daddy need to do the same. We have a fair bit of the equipment and all 4 vests. Addie really likes Sean  — the bunny ears he wore on the Easter egg ball episode of Chef Sean won her over and she wants a Kiss the Chef shirt, just like Mommy.

As a psychiatrist, I recommend exercise to most of my patients as part of their treatment plan. And often, I recommend Sweatflix for its convenience and efficiency. Especially for moms who have trouble getting to a gym like me.  

Thank you, BodyRock!


My fitness journey began in December 2012 with BodyRock's workouts on Youtube. When I found out I was pregnant, I was unsure how it would effect my body. I followed BodyRock workouts throughout my first five months, and then due to complications, I had to limit myself to low impact workouts. As soon as I was cleared by my doctor, I began doing Lisa's 12 minute workouts on Youtube, and then at four months postpartum, I began doing longer workouts like the Facebook Lives. Now, I workout six days a week with BodyRock and I am the same weight I was when I got married!

Thank you so much BodyRock, and especially Lisa, for keeping me motivated and providing what I needed to stay fit and healthy throughout pregnancy. I had my abs back six months after giving birth!

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