BodyRock Fit Moms: Meet Stephanie & Destiny

Every week, we're featuring two fit and fantastic BodyRock Moms who are true examples of passion, perseverance and the commitment to living a healthy lifestyle, no excuses. These women are some of the strongest members of our BodyRock community, and we couldn’t be prouder of (and more inspired by!) their dedication.

Meet Stephanie & Destiny!


Hi Lisa and BodyRock Team!

Less than a month before I found out I was pregnant 

I have officially been using Sweatflix for two and a half years. I used it to prep for my wedding and just kept going because I loved how my body never plateaued and workouts were always new, creative, challenging and always pushing my limits. I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 and continued my fitness routine in Sweatflix. I used BodyRock Baby, Intermediate Bootcamp, Results and Beginner  all the way through my pregnancy and adjusted and modified as I got bigger.

39 weeks pregnant

My labor was QUICK! I pushed baby girl out in three pushes and the doctor said it was because I stayed so fit. I had NO diastasis recti, which is amazing because I had it with my first pregnancy and managed to keep my abdomen muscles intact this time around.

1 week postpartum

I was able to go right back to working out at six weeks postpartum. I started slow with Intermediate Bootcamp and moved up as I felt my core strength come back.

Me right now at 6 months postpartum

This program has saved my sanity. I’m a full-time Mom, and I workout at home: no dragging kiddos to the gym in the cold. They take their naps and I go downstairs and workout. This program makes me feel so strong and empowered. I’m certain being able to workout has kept postpartum depression at bay, which I had with my first pregnancy. I can’t say enough about BodyRock and all the workouts in Sweatflix. The community is one of my favorite things to talk about. Every women is inspiring, strong and always motivating. They are there to pick you up when you’re down, light a fire under your behind when you need it, or just simply keep you going. Thank you to Sweatflix and all the trainers for keeping me fit, strong and healthy before, during and after my pregnancy!!


When I got pregnant with my third baby I had been BodyRocking for almost a year and was 10 weeks into the 14 week Hiitmax series (first picture)  — but let’s back it up to get the full background.

Prior to stumbling across BodyRock I was doing random at home workouts I made up and distance running, I started doing p90x and quickly became super bored. Scrolling through Facebook one day I found the level up video Lisa did and thought, “Hmm. I can do that”. So, I started with BodyRock on Facebook and at this time Lisa and Sean were still doing lives daily. I did these for about a month and shortly then they switched to Sweatflix for the 12 Days of Christmas, Season 1. Sweatflix is a game changer! Not only does it have tons of workouts, but there’s something for everyone! Beginners, intermediate, advanced, yoga, cardio, weights, combat: you name it, it’s there and super easy to navigate. I’ve done a number of challenges in Sweatflix: Christmas 2017, New Years 2017, Real-Time Challenge (twice), Advanced Bootcamp, HIIT Max, Daily HIIT Season 4, Summer Body Transformer, BodyRock Baby, Tabata, and many more.

My pregnancy journey with BodyRock

Honestly, had I never found BodyRock and the BodyRock community, I would have fallen off the fitness wagon from boredom, just like I have done billions of times in the past. But with Sweatflix, even if you do the same challenges, you can always make the workout harder by using their weighted vests, bosu ball, more weight, Challenger Bars, etc. When I started with BodyRock I had nothing except a 15lb vest (wayyyy to heavy for a beginner I learned 😂) and a set of 10lb dumbbells. I now have tons of BodyRock equipment and some other stuff I’ve picked up at thrift stores. My dream is to have all the gear BodyRock has to offer and I’m almost there. 

I love that I have access to so many workouts on my phone and there’s no loading kids up, going to a gym that has child care, trying to piece together a workout or paying a personal trainer hundreds to make one for me; it’s just so much easier to “push play and smash it out” at home when is convenient for me. Not only is it convenience that ropes me in, but my kids get to actively see mommy’s gear and mommy pushing herself, they see me bettering myself for them and leading a healthy active lifestyle! I love being able to set that example for my little ones and often my two boys (6&3) try to do the workout too, my one year-old daughter is now showing interest in “playing” with mommy’s gear too.

I worked out with BodyRock Baby until the day before delivery of my third baby girl  — even wore my 6lb vest! I did take the entire first trimester off due to extreme fatigue, nausea and high risk factors, but around 14 weeks, I got clearance from my midwife to continue exercise and I jumped in. I can’t really say working out through pregnancy helped me with labor or “bouncing back”  — all three of my labors, deliveries, and recoveries were about the same. When I came back I did Summer Body Transformer to ease back into it. I felt BodyRock Mom to be a bit too slow paced for me, but it’s perfect for new moms!

BodyRock/ Sweatflix and the community has helped me in so many ways. It’s not only helped keep me in shape and healthy, but it’s helped with mental clarity and stress relief. I find after I’ve worked out I’m far more patient and understanding with my kids, I make better food choices for them and myself, and I can focus better. The community itself has been there for any questions, whining, venting, hard times, loses, and wins I have in my life and I truly feel I’ve gained one hell of a fit family! Just the feel in the Insider’s Group is so positive and uplifting. It’s truly refreshing to see so many people cheering each other on, people posting not only wins, but loses in life/ fitness and vowing to do better! And not only vowing to do better, but actually doing it and we are all there to encourage each other. I love my BodyRock family and Sweatflix. I tell everyone who asks how I got my body about Sweatflix! It’s a total life-changer and nothing like your typical workout at home videos. If you want a change and are willing to bust your butt for it, download Sweatflix and join this crazy fit family of ours. 💜

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