BodyRock #FitFam Motivation Monday: Meet Jasmin & Kristen

There’s a generally held misconception that fitness transformation stories need to show incredible fat loss or lean muscle gains to be considered worthy of celebration. It’s perhaps this misconception that leads to so many people not sharing their successes or giving themselves the props they deserve for all their hard work. We believe triumphs should be celebrated, even the ones that may not seem as drastically noticeable. 

If you gained some sweet muscle definition but didn’t lose a pound, that doesn’t matter--the hard work you put into that is just as worthy of kudos as any more noticeable milestone. The seemingly little gains are often actually the hardest to come by. Losing the first 10 pounds is usually easier than the last 10: your body is conditioned to hold on to that final bit of fat for survival purposes, so trying to knock it off can be a Herculean undertaking. 

But, it’s possible, especially when you take advantage of every edge you can—edges like your fit community at BodyRock, and, for a limited time, free shipping storewide. Today’s the last day, though, so act now to bring home the gear that get the gains—gains like those achieved by these two BodyRockers.

Let’s give it up for Jasmin and Kristen, who keep challenging themselves to get even stronger!

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Meet Jasmin

My name is Jasmin, from Houston, TX. I'm 37 years young and mother of 3 princesses 13, 10 and 8. I came across Lisa on Facebook about a year and 10 months ago. I wasn't really overweight, just not comfortable how my clothes were fitting. I started doing her Lives on Facebook and jumped right in with the 10lb vest. I died a few times, since I had never done these types of workouts consistently, but I fell in love. The first two months I did lose what I was looking to get rid of, which was only 8 lbs and I continued with Lisa.

Then I decided to sign up in Sweatflix and continued the workouts. I never really worried about the scale and my eating habits could be much better but I definitely noticed how my body and strength were changing and getting better. I never really paid attention to my back, either, so it wasn't something that I consciously worked on. I guess in a way, it just happened from staying consistent with the working out and watching my food a bit. Sometimes we don’t see the small differences ourselves but it doesn't mean it's not happening. When I came across Lisa, I made a decision to make exercise a part of my life and the results have been amazing.

I love how my back looks and I look forward to the changes I'll continue to see thanks to Lisa and the rest of the Bodyrock crew. My workout week consists of two days of Bodyrock and on two days, I run. The best part is that my husband works out with me as well. One of my goals is to be able to inspire moms to see that even after having kids, we can be in great shape.

Meet Kristen

I posted this in the Bodyrock Insider Group on Facebook and then realized BodyRock was asking people to email in stories. Mine isn’t a huge weight loss or change. But if you want it, here ya go. 

I ran across this pic (on the left) from 6 years ago: 36 years, two kids. I realized some things have definitely changed. I was an athlete all through school. I have always stayed active after that but , I was mostly a cardio junkie. I was super hesitant to do strength training because I felt it would bulk me up and I was already an athletic build. At the point of this picture I was mostly doing Beachbody’s Insanity and running. 

But then, I found Lisa at BodyRock a couple years ago, and she pushed me beyond my comfort zone! I LOVE her Bodyrock workouts! And I didn’t realize the difference it has made until looking at our recent vacation pics (on the right). And no, they’re not great pics because they’re not posed. Not flexed. Just random pics that were taken. The point is...don’t be afraid to lift!!!

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