BodyRock #FitFam Motivation Monday: Meet Jeanne & Verena!

Here’s something most transformation stories don’t talk about: the people who experience transformations, and then fall off the wagon. They don’t talk about how the journey to wellness isn’t something you achieve and maintain on a steady trajectory: that it’s much more volatile than that. There are ups and downs. Sometimes the swings are massive, and take us out of the game all together. Sometimes, it’s just for a day, or a week. Sometimes, it’s for longer.

But, to lean on the much-used adage, it’s not about how hard you fall, but about if you get back up.

Today, we’re celebrating two members of our #FitFam who have come back to a life of sweaty successes with renewed vigour, wisdom and totally inspiring attitudes.

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Meet Jeanne & Verena!


I’ve been consistently working out w BodyRock for 7 months now and these are the thickest, hardest abs I’ve ever had in my life.I randomly woke up this morning and decided I would share some of my progress from exercise and just turning my life around.

I have been an exercise junky most of my life and started teaching aerobics at age 14.

I had 3 children over the years and started to eat a lot of junk, had diabetes and high cholesterol. I started eating healthier and exercising after just being fed up with how I felt. Today, I no longer have diabetes. I have low blood pressure and low cholesterol. I work out with Lisa five times a week. I powered through cancer and weight loss of 100 lbs. I love the BodyRock Insider's Group and enjoy spending my days feeling younger than ever. Thank you BodyRock and this amazing group to keep me on track and so grateful for change. Never give up!


I found BodyRock seven years ago. These before and after photos were literally from winter to summer and show 65lbs down. I just got started working out again, and while I am disappointed in myself for giving it up, I know for fact this team is awesome. Looking forward to seeing these results once again. Thanks to Lisa and BodyRock!

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