BodyRock #FitFam Motivation Monday: Meet Liz & Jaime!

Every single fitness program promises they’re not like all the others. That if you train with them, you will stick to it. Pinky swear. The truth is, people abandon even the best programs, for reasons that may have nothing to do with the program itself. But one’s chances of giving up completely are considerably less when they train with trainers who get them—who don’t talk at them, but with them. Who inspire on a level that has nothing to do with how much someone can squat or the relative visibility of one’s abs and everything to do with the real reasons we train: to be happier, and more confident. To live our one precious life to its fullest potential. 

That’s what we try to do, and when members of our #FitFam share their stories with us, telling us how our trainers and community has helped them be happier in every single part of their life, this is what we live for. This week, we’re celebrating two members of our #FitFam who are proof of what personal commitment and a great community can do for your #fitgoals. 

Let’s show some love for Liz & Jaime!

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Meet Liz

I had a baby last July 24 and really struggled with losing the weight and getting back to feeling strong and fit again. I started doing Lisa’s live workouts just before Christmas.

Here is my before and after, the latest photos taken today after Live #294 (so I admit my abs still have a pretty mean pump from that), the before pics are from last September. Your live workouts have literally been life changing. Even though I had to modify most of the ab work as I had a pretty severe diastasis recti from the pregnancy, the modifications were seamless and worked so well. I could not have done any other program as consistently or enjoyably with my little guy at home. THANK YOU AND PLEASE KEEP IT UP!  I can't tell you how grateful I am to have rediscovered BodyRock.

Meet Jaime

By 2016, was in denial about how I’d let myself go. By 2017, Houston, we have a problem!! 😭😭 In 2018, I started BodyRock, but  inconsistently. I got addicted when I got to the Real Time Challenge (#RTC!). 💪💦 Then, in 2019, I found Lisa’s lives! 💚 What a difference Lisa and the BodyRock community has made in my life! 💗💋

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I really want to see if I can get the muscular definition I long for without the weight room, I run, I can work hard but man…just haven’t been able to overcome the anxiety of lifting and machines in front of people!
Sure hope you will give the candian at par option due consideration. Thank you

Lynn June 30, 2019

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