BodyRock FitFam Motivation Monday: Meet Olivia & Roseanne

We’ve been watching the amazing changes of these two BodyRockers on the Insiders Group for sometime now, and we’re continually amazed by their successes—not just the physical triumphs, either. These women have also become cornerstones of our community, supporting other members of our #fitfam through the good, the bad, and the inevitably ugly parts of trying to make major, permanent life changes.   

See what they have to say about their transformations. Then, if you’re not already, head on over to our BodyRock Insiders Group on Facebook and join. The group is a community of like-minded people who believe whole-heartedly in the strength of support.

Olivia O

I started doing intermittent fasting about a year ago, inspired by Sean. I did a lot of research and it took some time to adjust, but once I did, I never went back! I still do 8/16 windows and workout in the fasted state. I have lost 33 pounds total and have so much energy during the day! I have been following and doing bodyrock workouts since about 2012.


This is what I have accomplished in one year with BodyRock. Keep pushing. It won’t happen overnight. Be consistent. Form good habits. It will become a lifestyle. Never give up.

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