BodyRock #FitFam Motivation Monday: Meet Roxy & Sandra

Let’s take a step back from long-haul transformation stories and look at the amazing progress that can be made in a comparatively short period of time. We’re not talking about working out like nuts and starving yourself for weeks, either: the transformations we’re celebrating today have been made quickly and without signing one’s life away to the tyrannical gods of fitness.

So, next time you say to yourself you don’t have the time to workout and don’t want to give up the foods and drinks you love, here’s proof you don’t have to! When you sign up for 30 days free with Sweatflix and BodyRock with our #FitFam, you can see real results for your real life.

Meet Roxy and Sandra, two members of our community who are making it happen.

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Meet Roxy

I’ve been through the Live Beginner Challenge, Beginner Weights Challenge, and now, I'm almost done with the Level Up Challenge and recently, I doubled up the workouts for the first time! Not gonna lie...I barely made it. I had to take a few breaks because my legs were just about to give out -- but I’m so glad I finally jumped over that hurdle! Above are my progress pictures, from April 1 on the left to May 31 on the right. Keep in mind I am an ER nurse at a ridiculously busy trauma center so I naturally I drink a lot of wine and I only workout on my off days so these challenges have taken me a LOT longer to finish than I would have liked, but I’m still pretty proud of myself!

Meet Sandra

In 2016, I started my journey of trying to lose some pounds. At that time, I was 215 lbs, and I started to dedicate myself to working out and eating a healthy diet. I lost weight and reached my goal of 155 lbs.  I did my workout for a while, then in 2018, I was blessed to find out I was pregnant with my beautiful child Skylin Guerra. She is now 8 months old and I love her to the moon. My post-baby weight was 212 lbs. Recently, I’ve gained more motivation to lose weight again. I have already lost 25 lbs and plan to keep going. No pain, no gain!

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