BodyRock Full Body HIIT Workout #15

Hi BodyRockers,

Today BodyRock 12 Minute HIIT #15 drops, and Jessie is back to lead us through 3 sets of 4 exercises. This format is still 12 rounds at 50/10 intervals, but we will be doing 3 rounds of each exercise back to back, and then moving on to the next dynamic exercise.  

We are hammering your legs and lower body in the body shop today, but that doesn’t mean that Jessie for got your arms, chest and upper body. Exercise #3 in today’s workout is a full body toaster, and if you have the juice, try to complete even just 1 pushup from your toes - if you are not there yet, no worries, Jessie performs the whole exercise in beginner mode. 

BodyRock Trainer Jessie P.

Jessie is a 40 year old master trainer from Toronto. She has 3 young children. 

BodyRock Weighted HIIT Vest

The Gear: Today we are using the BodyRock Weighted HIIT Vest, and the BodyRock HIIT Core Band. You can level up by wearing your BodyRock Ankle and or Wrist Weights

The Workout Video: 

The Visual Workout Breakdown & Trainer Notes. 

1. Low side-step to back lunge (with the Core Band & 6lbs HIIT vest). This move is designed to target the Quads and your side Glutes. 

Low side step exercise

Stay in a low stance the entire 50 seconds. 

Back Lunge

Core Band Side step

Keep your abs and core engaged. Holding your fists out front of your body will help you keep your balance and movement focus. 

Back Lunge

Keep tension on the core band

Keep tension on the Core Band the whole time, by not allowing it to go slack. 

Back Lunge

Be careful not to hit your knees on the floor. You can stop just before they touch down (hardest) or gently make contact with the floor. 

2. Glute Thrust and Holds. Let’s give those Quad muscles a rest and move on to focus on your Glutes. 

Glute thrust

Glute Thrust Up

As you lift up, squeeze and engage your glutes. Poke them or give them a ‘rep squeeze’ to remind yourself to fire the muscles with each rep of the exercise. Try not to miss a rep.  

Glute thrust abduction

At the top of the movement, you are going to open your legs against the Core Band to get the ‘abduction’ movement. Keep a steady amount of pressure on resisting the Core Band throughout the whole exercise. 

Core Band Snap

If your Core Band slips, don’t worry - it happens to everyone - including trainers. Reset and keep going. As Jessie explains in the workout video, there is a ‘sweet spot’ for the Core Band placement - you can also keep your hands on it. 

3. Bear Hover to Quad Extension to Push Up. Giving you dynamic moves that combine several exercises is an excellent way to target the full body, but it’s also great for establishing functional movement and overall agility and movement confidence. Getting up, down, lifting items - boxes, groceries, furniture - pushing, pulling - all of the motions that you will encounter living an active, healthy life - that’s what we training you for - the muscle tone and weight loss is just an amazing by-product of making you mobile and fully capable of handling anything life throws at you. This is one of those moves. 

Bear Crawl

Bear Crawl Up

Quad Extension

This part of the exercise gives you a really nice Quad stretch, but remember to keep your core activated to work those abs and give the whole movement more stability. 

Bear Crawl

Crawl Out

Walk it out with your hands and get into Push-Up position to target your chest and arms. 

Push Up

Jessie does her Push-Ups from her knees, but it you have the juice, try for at least one push-up from your toes (below). Also, is swearing a sign of honesty?

Full Push Up

4. Hip Flexor Mobility Stretch. Most of us spend the bulk of our days sitting at a desk or in front of a computer. This can cause our hips to get incredibly stiff, and impact your mobility. This exercise is perfect for loosening and strengthening your Hip Flexors. 

Hip Flexor stretch

Slip the core band around your feet. You can also place a chair beside you and keep a hand on it for balance - although working to establish your natural balance without a support will help you establish your balance and coordination faster. 

Hip flexor mobility exercise

Work against the resistance from the Core Band to bring your knee up to as close to waist heigh as possible. If you can’t get it up that high, that’s totally ok - work to your limit and then we will progress you as we train together and you get stronger and more flexible. 

Hip flexor mobility exercise

If you don’t have a Core Band, you can do this exercise with just your bodyweight only (no band) or you can use the BodyRock Ankle Weights

Hip flexor mobility exercise with the BodyRock Core Band

BodyRock HIIT Core Bands

Our BodyRock Core Bands come with 2 tension strengths - Blue is easy and Purple is killer. They come together in a set with free shipping. 

Workout Finis

Peace out! That’s the end of today’s 12 Minute HIIT! 

Today’s Positive Boost. You aren’t going to kill it every single day. Energy fluctuates depending on your food intake, sleep and a host of other factors. What is more important than motivation, is consistency. A lot of people get hung up on trying to stay motivated. Forget motivation. Motivation is weak. It comes and goes. Consistency is king. Training when you don’t feel like it is what will transform your attitude, body and life. This 12 Minute HIIT workout program that we are providing has been engineered to be the most effective way of shedding excess weight and leaning down while building strength, confidence and rebalancing your emotional state. The BodyRock workout is so powerful physiologically that it will transform your body and your mind - it’s like high octane therapy. It will pull you out of any slump, it will lift you up out after any fall. I know this because our workouts have been watched 1.5 Billion times across the social media universe since 2008, and I’ve talked to literally thousands of people over that time about how doing our workouts makes them feel. Forget motivation - that rope won’t hold you. Decide, commit, do it. We have a free text alert service for every time our workouts go live - it’s helping over 15k people stay focused and accountable, and its a great strategy for ensuring that you never miss a training session. Text us for free at: 1-775-254-9738 to get on our ‘HIIT LIST’ and we will send you new workout alerts. 

Enjoy #15!



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