BodyRock HIIT Workout #12 - Abs & Core Focus

Hi BodyRockers,

BodyRock HIIT workout #12 drops today, and coach Lisa is back with a full body workout that is abs and core intensive. 

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Today’s Workout: 

The workout format is 50/10 intervals. You push to your max effort for each 50 second ‘work’ interval, and then get set for your next exercise in the 10 seconds of ‘rest’. As BodyRockers, the only people that we compete against is ourselves. Give 100% of what you can to each exercise, for all 3 rounds and 12 minutes of this workout. If you need to pause for a personal time out, do so. Pause, catch your breath, and then pick it up again. Move at your own pace, but push yourself. 

Abs & Core Fire.

I hope that you guys enjoy planks! Planks come in all kinds of variations, and in today’s workout we are going to teach you a few highly functional plank movements that will help you build core strength and definition. 

BodyRock Pink Thing and Ankle Weights

Lisa uses her BodyRock Ankle weights and Pink Thing Resistance Band in Today’s12 Minute HIIT workout.  

Lisa’s BodyRock Ankle Weights are on for this full workout. She also uses the BodyRock Pink Thing Resistance Band for this workout. If you want to dramatically up the calorie burn and sculpt out lean muscle tone and definition, consider snapping on our weighted vest

The Gear: 

BodyRock ankle weights

BodyRock Pink Thing resistance band

Exercise #1: Caterpillar walkouts to planked shoulder taps (ankle weights). 

Caterpillar walkout exercise

Caterpillar walkout exercise

Plank shoulder tap exercise

Shoulder tap plank

Exercise #2Commander planks (ankle weights). 

Commander planks

Commander planks exercise

The beginner modification for the Commander Plank is to perform the exercise from your knees. Keep your core tight the whole time. 

Commander plank exercise modification

Exercise #3: Front swimmers (ankle weights). 

Front swimmer exercise

Front swimmer exercise

Front Swimmer Exercise  

Exercise #4: Legs up boxer punches (ankle weights & Pink Thing).   

Pink Thing Resistance Band

The Pink Thing wraps behind your back for this exercise. You can increase resistance by ‘runging up’ a loop on the band. 

Boxing Punch Crunch Exercise

Punch up to either side of your feet, using the Pink Thing for resistance. Punch as high as you can - if you can only drive up as far as your shins (or lower) that’s ok - as long as you are pushing to your max effort. Make each exercise work for you, and listen for the tips and cues that Lisa shares throughout the workout. Enjoy your workout!

Today’s Positive Boost. 

How are you feeling? Take a minute and set your intention. It literally just takes a second of focused thought. What do you want out of today’s workout? Set your intention. Is it just to complete it? You can do better than that. Is it to feel something - something as real and raw and pushing through your standard effort and reaching, even just for the space of a breath, for something better and greater for yourself? See if you can touch that space in this workout. If you are just starting out, this might feel like a moonshot. I assure you that it’s not. You are so very capable. Maybe you’ve forgotten, or no one has ever told you that before. If that’s the case, I’m humbled to be the one to deliver that message. Pull yourself up and give today’s 12 minutes your all. 




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Thanks again. 

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