BodyRock Full Body HIIT Workout #13

Hi BodyRockers,

Today’s workout is full body, and we are hitting everything but paying special attention to our lower body and core. Don’t worry about your arms, shoulders and chest - there is some upper body in today’s workout as well.

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See below for a full workout breakdown of all the exercises, including modifications for beginners - remember that we always try and provide alternatives to either gear up or gear down the intensity of each exercise - we don’t want to leave anyone behind. 

Follow along with Coach Jenny, and listen to her cues and instructions. When you BodyRock, the only one that you are competing against is you. Strive to shatter your perceived limitations. Most people, as a rule, are capable of far more than they realize. We want to introduce you to your true strength and potential. 

The full workout video.  

All of they exercises in today’s workout are dynamic and functional - meaning that they will help you move with strength and agility in your day to day life. 

The gear. 

BodyRock Pink Thing resistance band

Pink Thing Resistance Band

For today’s workout, you will need a BodyRock ‘Pink Thing’ resistance band. You can also take the burn up a level by wearing your BodyRock wrist and ankle weights and by snapping on the BodyRock weighted vest. We also just launched our BodyRock Training System - which includes all of the gear that we will ever use in our workouts in one kit (scroll down to see the full kit). 

The workout breakdown:

Exercise #1: Alternating lateral lunges. 

Alternating lateral lunge

Alternating lateral lunge exercise

Exercise #2: Inch worm pushups to squat 

Inch worm exercise

Inch worm exercise

Inch worm exercise To push up

*to gear down a level of intensity, you can do the pushups from your knees. 

Push-up exercise

Inch worm exercise


Squat exercise

Exercise #3: Deadlifts (hip hinges) / bent over rows (with Pink Thing resistance band).

Deadlift exercise

Deadlift exercise

Bent over row exercise

Exercise #4: 10 x cross V-ups to 10 x bike crunches. 

Cross V-up crunch

Cross V-up crunch

Cross V-up crunch Modification

*If you don’t have the ability to touch your feet, bend your leg and touch your knee instead. 

If you have joined us for the first 12 workouts in this series, you will know that we workout for 12 minutes. Each minute, or ‘round’ we ‘work’ for 50 seconds and then ‘rest’ for 10 seconds. The rest period is just enough time to get set up for the next exercise. If you need to pause for water or to catch your breath that’s ok - we just ask that you find your maximum effort for each of the 50 second ‘work’ intervals. 

An important note on the gear that we use. 

We designed the BodyRock 12 Minute HIIT workouts to be powered by Bodyweight resistance because we want to make our workouts as accessible as possible to the greatest number of people. To push the effectiveness of our workouts, you may have noticed that we use some gear to optimize our results. 

The BodyRock Training System Kit

The ‘BodyRock HIIT Training System’ is a kit of all the gear that we will be using in this workout series at one low price. The gear inside this kit is the only gear that we will ever use in this series, so no matter what the workout, the kit has you covered. 

Today’s Positive Boost. 

Your fitness journey can sometimes feel lonely. I’m not talking about working out at home vs going to the gym to socialize. People avoid fitness not just because working out consistently is challenging, but also because of the changes in attitude and behaviour of those around them. 

The simple, unfortunate truth is that a lot of people that start out on their quest for fitness and wellbeing don’t get the support they are looking for from those around them. There are people in your life as you read this that don’t want you to succeed. There are people that are only going to be comfortable with who and what you are now

As you begin to excel in your journey, there may be relationships and certain social situations that you might need to let go of. This is normal. Most people, deep down, already have a sense of who supports them and you doesn’t, and starting a wellness journey has a way of showing you who really has your back and who doesn’t. 

Choose you. Choose to invest in the people that want to see you grow and succeed. Surround yourself with people that are also growing and want more out of this life. Don’t ever play small to keep someone else feeling comfortable. 

We are going to be your cheering section - this check in - the workouts, holding the mind, body and heart in awareness - we are pushing for your success in every area of your life because it’s ok to want more here. We are all here (myself included) because we are striving to be the best versions of ourselves possible. We want to live our best life, so that we can show up for our friends, families and loved ones.

It’s ok to want more. It’s ok to let go of toxic people and situations. Choose you. 



P.S. - If you are enjoying this new workout series, please consider supporting this channel by subscribing to our fitness streaming service and getting full access to our full workout library, ad-free on any device, including OTT like Amazon Fire, AppleTv, ROKU and SmartTv playback. 

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