BodyRock HIIT workout #19

Hi BodyRockers,

Welcome to today’s 12 Minute HIIT workout for fat loss and general athletic conditioning. This workout combines HIIT, cardio and strength training exercises into one short but highly efficient workout. Our 12 Minute HIIT workouts are designed to deliver a better than gym quality workout, in just a fraction of the time. With these daily HIIT workouts, you are working all the major muscle groups, with some extra love always baked in for the abs and core, booty and legs. 

Today’s 12 Minute HIIT workout: 50 minutes of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, for 12 rounds. 

The Gear: For today’s HIIT workout, Jessica has added fat torching strength training simply by vesting up with her BodyRock Weighted HIIT exercise vest. To get the biggest burn, consider also adding the HIIT Ankle weights. For a limited time, we are offering both the Vest & Ankle weights for just $69 (save $40) you can check that deal out here

The BodyRock weighted HIIT exercise vest

Vest and Ankle weights


The workout breakdown and trainer tips:

Exercise #1: Squat pulses. 

Squat Pulse Exercise

Start standing tall, shoulders back, abs and core engaged. 

Squat Pulse Exercise

Come down as far as you can. Keep your toes behind your knees, and at the bottom of the squat, give it one mini pulse. It’s critical to engage your glutes and core to get the full benefit of this exercise. 

Squat Pulse Exercise

Holding your hands clenched together out front of your body will help you with your balance, but it also helps to keep the muscles in your body enagged. 

Squat Pulse Exercise

When you come up from the squat back to the starting position, give everything a solid squeeze at the top. Notice that Jessica’s abs are clenched at the top of the movement. Squats are one of the most effective core exercises, all while strengthening and toning the lower body, legs and glutes. Don’t miss the opportunity to really target your mid-section. 

Exercise #2: Ab Frog Pumps 

Frog Pump Core Exercise

Recline back into position, with the bottom of your feet pressed together. 

Frog Pump Core Exercise

Lay flat on your back. Place your arms beside you to support the exercise. 

Frog Pump Core Exercise

Jessica’s core is turned on - you can see that she is holding muscle tension in her core. So much of working out is reminding yourself to activate the muscles that you are training - maintaining a mind body awareness.  

Frog Pump Core Exercise

Lift upwards, creating a straight body line. As your muscles fatigue, it might become more difficult to get up off the floor. 

Frog Pump Core Exercise

At the top and bottom of the movement, give your butt and core a strong squeeze and make sure they are on. 

Exercise #3: Cocoon Crunch (just me or a weird name?)

Cocoon Crunch Exercise

With your body fully extended, reach forward towards the outside of your shoes, reaching justly past the ankles (or as far as you can). 

Cocoon Crunch Exercise

Touch and extend back out. When you come in for the crunch, everything should be turned on - keep your core tight - feel the muscles working. If you can’t reach your shoes, reach down as far as your current level of mobility will allow. As you train with us, we will 100% progress your flexibility and agility. Be proud of where you are today and know, that we are committed to helping you get stronger. 

Cocoon Crunch Exercise

Keep your lower back flat on the floor. This will help keep the focus of this exercise on your abs and core, and keep stress off your back. 

Exercise #4: Bear Crawl Hovers with Shoulder Taps.  

Bear Crawl Hover Shoulder Taps Exercise

Set up with your hands directly under your shoulders. Lift your knees up off the ground an inch or two. Keep your back flat as a table top. 

Bear Crawl Hover Shoulder Taps Exercise

While holding your abs tight, try and draw your core up, against gravity. Keeping your core stable will help prevent your hips from rocking all over the place (this might still happen if you are just starting out). Tap each shoulder, rotating left to right. 

Bear Crawl Hover Shoulder Taps Exercise

Imagine the whole time that you have a wine glass full of red on your back. Try not to spill that glass. Keep the table top metaphor in your head - use your core to keep the table stable as you tap. This is not a fast move. Take your time. If you can’t manage the hover, no problem. You can do this move with your knees on the ground. You can also tap your supporting hand instead of your shoulder. Jesica demonstrates this modification of the shoulder tap exercise in the workout video. 

Workout Hotline

That’s it! Workout completed! If you are looking for some accountability, and don’t want to ever miss another workout, text our HIIT hotline at: 1-775-254-9738. The text is 100% free, and we will send you a workout alert when a new routine drops. 

Move of the day:

Today’s MOD is the Abs ‘Frog Pump’. It’s a great way to tweak the more traditional glute bridge, and come at your glutes, core and hamstrings from a different angle. Add this move to your workout, or tack it onto your regular abs routine. Jessica gives great instruction on how to perform this exercise with proper form and to get the best results. 

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Enjoy your workout.





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