BodyRock HIIT Workout #22

Hi BodyRockers,

Workout #22 in our 12 Minute HIIT series has the ‘levitating leg raise’ and a solid cardio infused side oblique crunch for toning and strengthening your waist. These moves are mixed with some classic exercises - like the leg extension, which all together, should max you out and give you a feel-good, full body sweat in just 12 Minutes. 

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BodyRock Trainer Jessie P.

The Workout.

It’s 50 seconds of max effort, followed by 10 seconds of ‘rest’ to get set up and ready for the next exercise. When the bell rings, you are on - give it everything. Feel the walls of your comfort zone and strive to reach beyond what you thought was possible. Remeber - proper form beats speed every time. Once you’ve mastered the exercise mechanics, you can always add speed. 

The Gear. 

BodyRock HIIT Ankle Weights

For today’s workout, vest up with the BodyRock Weighted HIIT Exercise Vest, and HIIT Ankle Weights. You can take it up another notch and increases the tone on your arms by wearing the HIIT Wrist Weights

BodyRock Weighted Vest, Wrist and Ankle Weights Promo

The Workout Breakdown. 

Exercise #1: Jumping Jack with Oblique Crunch Twist. 

Jumping Jack with Oblique Crunch Exercise

This exercise is designed to get your heart rate up right out of the gate. Explode into the Jumping Jacks. Keep your core engaged. Move with purpose and focus - don’t flop around. If you need to slow down, that’s ok - but control the movement. You are moving your body - your body is not moving you. 

Jumping Jack with Oblique Crunch Exercise

For the oblique-twist and crunch, bring your elbow to knee. Jessie dosen’t always make contact. That’s ok - bring your knee as close as you can. Driving the knee up activates your core muscles, and the side twist-crunch targets the side of your waist. If you are just starting out with us, and can’t get either your knee or elbow remotely close to each other - that’s 100% ok - even if your initial range of motion is just an inch or two, you are still working to strengthen your core and improve your mobility. Good freaking job! Keep going - we will progress you as we train together. It’s awesome that you are up, trying, and not slumped on the couch. 

Jumping Jack with Oblique Crunch Exercise

There is a Jumping Jack between each side crunch. Switch sides as you go. 

Jumping Jack with Oblique Crunch Exercise

It’s perfectly normal to be stronger or more flexible on one side than the other. Work through it. 

Exercise #2: Side Plank to Leg Lift to Hip Touch Down.

Side Plank to Leg Lift to Hip Touch Down

If you need to pause the video for a minute to practice this exercise set up, take your time and get comfortable. Stack your feet, or cross them on the ground one in front of the other (this is an easier foot position). You can see here that Jessie is touching her core to ensure that it’s activated (tensed), and that her body is not dipping down. 

Side Plank to Leg Lift to Hip Touch Down

From the side plank, lift your leg up and extend it upwards. 

Side Plank to Leg Lift to Hip Touch Down

Bring the leg back down, and resume the plank hold for a second. 

Side Plank to Leg Lift to Hip Touch Down

Touch your hip down to the floor and then repeat the above steps. 

Side Plank to Leg Lift to Hip Touch Down

The modification for this movement is really well broken down in the video, but if you are looking at these images and telling yourself that this exercise is beyond your capability, you can break down the movement and even do the leg lift from the floor. There are always ways to make even the most advanced exercises achievable for all fitness levels - you just need a trainer that is experienced enough to know the modifications, and a company that prioritizes making fitness accessible to everyone. Think about how we all learned to read - we broke down complicated; new words by sounding them out. It’s the exact same thing with any exercise or workout. 

Exercise #3: Levitating Inner Thighs Pulse (Inner Thighs🔥). 

Levitating Inner Thigh Leg Pulse Exercise

Pay close attention to how Jessie set’s up for this exercise. 

Levitating Inner Thigh Leg Pulse Exercise

Control the pulse, this is not a big movement. If you need to set down on your hip for short breaks you can, but do your best to stay elevated. 

Levitating Inner Thigh Leg Pulse Exercise

This exercise is one of the best inner thigh moves, and the extra resistance provided by the HIIT Ankle Weights will tone and strengthen that whole area. 

HIIT Ankle Weights

Levitating Inner Thigh Leg Pulse Exercise

 Exercise #4: Leg Extension Kicks. 

Leg Extension Kick Exercise

Set up on all fours, in table-top position, with your hands under your shoulder. Pull your core up towards your spine - keep your stomach tight and engaged. As you start to focus on the leg kick, you will likely start to lose your mind-core connection, especially as your glutes fatigue. 

Leg Extension Kick Exercise

Kick up, flexing your glutes. 

Leg Extension Kick Exercise  

Extend the leg straight out, so that it becomes an extension of the ‘table-top’. As you extend your leg out and straight, there will be a tendency to allow the leg to drop down. Try your best to keep the leg straight and in line with your back.  

Leg Extension Kick Exercise

Repeat the steps above on the opposite leg. Don’t allow your body to sway on. 

Congratulations! You just smashed today’s 12 Minute HIIT workout. 


I hope that you guys enjoyed today’s workout. I’m getting set to shoot the next round of workouts, and this series is going to keep going well into the future. We have a new trainer that we will be introducing in August, and lot’s of plans to continue to show up for you with the best exercises - broken down step by step so that all fitness levels can benefit.

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