BodyRock HIIT #29: Full Body Core Band Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Jessie is here today to lead us through a full body workout in just 12 Minutes - with exercises to target all the major muscle groups, with some love thrown in for the calves (community member request for some calve toning action). 

BodyRock HIIT Workout #29

For those of you just finding us, these 12 Minute HIIT workouts are designed to deliver maximum fat burn and overall athletic conditioning that will make you stronger, fitter, faster, and get you in the best shape of your life. These workouts will burn more calories, longer, than a 45 minute jog, and if you add our HIIT Weighted Exercise Vest, HIIT Wrist & Ankle Weights, you will tone and sculpt your body and see your results that much faster. 

Forget machines, forget an hour or more at the gym, stop wasting your time on an elliptical machine or stationary bike. Those things are not going to change your body. These 12 Minute HIIT’s will crush all of those methods, and deliver actual, visual results that you will see in the mirror and feel in the way your clothes start to fit you better. These 12 Minutes are not a cake-walk, they will challenge you, they will push you beyond mediocre efforts, and allow you to feel accomplished. 12 Minutes is doable. 12 Minutes can happen consistently. 12 Minutes of HIIT mixed in with resistance training is all you need to get in the best shape of your life. Let’s do this. 

The HIIT Workout Video:

This is where we embed the workout video. It’s a ‘real-time’ workout, which means that when you press ‘play’ you will train one on one with the trainer (today we have Jessie here). The trainer will lead you through each movement, explaining how to perform each exercise with proper form as you go. In BodyRock workouts, the trainer is working out with you. They are pushing rep by rep, putting in their personal best effort, while they support you with instruction, tips and exercise modifications. 

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The HIIT Workout Gear:

BodyRock HIIT Core Bands

For almost all our workouts, we use the BodyRock ‘Wearable’ HIIT Weights 
Collection which is made up of our HIIT Weighted Vest, HIIT Wrist Weights, and HIIT Ankle Weights. Adding this hands-free resistance to your workout is what will ignite your fat burn, and help build long-lean, athletic muscle tone. The extra weights are what will power your body transformation from soft to strong. HIIT Wearable Weights Collection

The HIIT Workout Breakdown:

This is where we give you guys a quick pre-view of the workout, with some tips thrown in, so that you can prepare yourself to follow the workout video. Knowing the moves a head of time gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the next 12 Minutes. If something here looks intimidating, don’t let it scare you away. Our trainers teach beginner level modifications to make almost every move easier. This is your workout, and we will support you with options that make each exercise achievable. 

HIIT Exercise #1: Low ‘Squat’ side steps to a ‘Jump Shot’. 

HIIT Exercise #1: Low ‘Squat’ side steps to a ‘Jump Shot’.

For this exercise, you are going to get into a low stance and then staying low, take two steps sideways, while maintaining tension on the core band that is looped just over the knees. 

HIIT Exercise #1: Low ‘Squat’ side steps to a ‘Jump Shot’.

For this exercise to be effective at targeting your glutes in the way that we intend it to, to keep your feet pointing forward. Jessie covers all of this in the video with you, but it there is a lot happening with this move, and it can be easy to lose focus on your feet. 

HIIT Exercise #1: Low ‘Squat’ side steps to a ‘Jump Shot’.

When you finish the second step, straighten up and imagine that you are taking a jump shot in basketball. Don’t worry if you have never taken an actual jump shot - we are just looking to mimic that basic concept. Jessie shares her own limited basketball experiences in the video. If the jump is too much, skip it, and just do a standing calf raise instead. 

HIIT Exercise #2: Core Band Crab Toe Touches.

This is a great full body exercise that was big in the early 2010’s, and it’s starting to find it’s way back into circulation, partly because it’s just so damn effective at working, well, everything. 

HIIT Exercise #2: Core Band Crab Toe Touches.

Your hand placement is an important mechanic in this exercise - you want your hands facing out (Jessie gives you a solid demo of this in the video). To begin this exercise, you want to try and keep your butt up, elevated off of the ground. As you start to fatigue, you can tap your butt down for a second between reps - Jessie actually starts to do this in round 2 and 3 as she starts to fatigue. Listen. It’s always best to try and make the move easier, before pausing or stopping all together. Get into the habit of downshifting for at least a rep or two before pausing. Those extra 2-3 reps are where the magic happens. Remember tho, you can always press pause if you need to. No shame. In this case, touch your butt down if needed, and if you can’t reach your toes, touch your knees or even your shin. Make it work for you. 

HIIT Exercise #3: Banded Reverse Lunge to Glute Lift. 

HIIT Exercise #3: Banded Reverse Lunge to Glute Lift.

We are looking for glute engagement in this exercise. That is just a fancy way of saying that we want you to squeeze your ass - a lot. We need to develop a strong mind-body connection. When we BodyRock, we command our bodies, we control our motion with focused intention. It’s meditative, and sometimes staying ‘present’ in your workout is harder than pushing through the exercises. The minute that your thoughts turn to work, that to-do list, or the fight that you had with the butt wipe at work, you give up the command and control of your workout and you are essentially flailing in space. Stay focused and connected. 

HIIT Exercise #3: Banded Reverse Lunge to Glute Lift.

You will have most of your weight in this exercise on the standing heel. Keep your stance wide enough so that you don’t tip over and lose balance. This exercise will help you develop your balance and coordination - don’t allow your ego to get frustrated if you totter over - that’s perfectly normal. 

HIIT Exercise #3: Banded Reverse Lunge to Glute Lift.

HIIT Exercise #4: Ab Boats.

HIIT Exercise #4: Ab Boats.

For this exercise, you want to lean back into a nice deep angle. The more you lean backwards, the harder this move gets, so experiment with your positioning, and make sure that you are working against gravity and leaning back far enough to feel your core muscles work. 

HIIT Exercise #4: Ab Boats.

Touch the heels down lightly, try not to anchor down too much of your body weight onto your heels. Keeping your feet elevated is what is going to place your core and abs under tension. The HIIT Core Band will be attempting to collapse your knees together - fight against this and keep tension on that band the whole time. The second the Core Band goes slack, you’ve stopped resisting it. Keep your focus, run mental checks on everything. Push outside thoughts away. You’ve got this. 

HIIT Exercise #4: Ab Boats.

Alternate version of this exercise. 

HIIT Exercise #4: Ab Boats.

Why are these workouts posted here for free? 

I wanted to create a series that was accessible to everyone. When I say ‘accessible’ I don’t just mean ‘free’. The reality is that almost 80% of our population is now overweight or obese and most ‘popular’ fitness programs and workouts are just too damn hard for the majority of people now. You shouldn’t have to be already fit to participate in dynamic, fun workouts. So I created this series, because I believe beginners are radically underserved, and people deserve better options for exercise that being told to ‘walk more’. BodyRock HIIT Workouts

I wanted to create an accessible, do-able, achievable workout series  that used the best exercises, that brought high level personal training based on HIIT and Strength Training to the people that actually need it most. So yes, this series is free, but many of you have chosen to take the experience to the next level by streaming to your favourite devices - Roku, AppleTv, Amazon Fire, Android etc by joining us with a membership to our fitness streaming service, where you can access all of our hundreds of workouts, challenges and programs (including this full, on-going series).

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Enjoy your workout. 




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