BodyRock HIIT workout #3 - Abs & Booty Phython.

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BodyRock HIIT Workout #3

Today we are revisiting BodyRock HIIT workout #3 with Coach Jessica. Part of what we do here at BodyRock is a weekly re-visit of a past workout. We do the workout again, and make a note if we are faster, stronger or have more endurance. Maybe you notice an improvement in just one exercise for just one round - but feeling your body improve and adapt is the best proof that you are improving and that your fitness is evolving. I thought Sundays would be a perfect day for this - so moving forward, Sunday’s will be our day to re-visit old workouts and give them our best effort. We are going to refer to these re-visits as ‘touchbacks’ in our community lingo. 

BodyRock HIIT Workout #3

If you haven’t seen Coach Jessica’s before and after yet - scroll down and check it out. Her fitness journey started just 2 years ago - now she’s a trainer with her own growing client base in Toronto. If anyone gets what it’s like, she does.

The Gear. 

Core band and wrist weights

Coach Jessica ‘banding up’ with the BodyRock core band for today’s workout. Her wrist weights are already set and ready to go.

This is a bodyweight workout - which means that you can do each exercise without gear. To take your burn, definition and muscle tone to the next level, add in our core band and wrist weights. You can also snap on your weighted vest to really get the most out of today’s 12 minute HIIT. There is free shipping with code: FREESHIP

Core Bands

The workout.  

Today Jessica is bringing us an Abs & Ass focused sweat session. We are following the 50/10 BodyRock intervals - so 50 seconds of max effort, followed by a 10 second ‘rest’. The rest is just enough time to get yourself situated for the next exercise, or to grab a sip of water. If you absolutely need to pause the video, do so, take a break, grab water, and then resume. Don’t get frustrated by any of the moves, and listen to cues from Jessica. 

Exercise #1: Walking low squat steps. 

Low squat walk exercise

Banded squat walk

 Keep tension on the band the whole time you are moving side to side. You only need to take 2-3 steps over in each direction. 

Exercise #2: Squat and overhead press (wrist weights)

Squat to overhead press

Squat to overhead press exercise

Keep abs engaged during exercise

As you drive up for the press, don’t forget to engage (squeeze) your abs. It can be easy to forget that squats are one of the best abs and core moves out there. 

Exercise #3: Toe touch abs variations. 

Single arm and leg toe touch crunch exercise

Toe touch crunch

Toe touch ab crunch exercise

Reach up as high as you can towards your toes. If you can’t get up that high, aim for your shins. You can also make this easier by bending your knees slightly. Do your best - that’s what we are aiming for. 

Exercise #4: Plank shoulder taps. 

Plank shoulder taps

Plank shoulder tap exercise

You can still get the benefits of this exercise by doing it from your knees.  

End of the workout!

And you are done today’s workout!!!!

Today’s Positive Boost. 

You might feel very alone in your fitness journey. It’s actually quite rare to have the support of friends and family when you make fitness and wellness in general a lifestyle priority. Stepping outside of what is ‘normal’ with your diet and activity routine might really threaten those around you in your inner circle. It’s not at all uncommon for people to sometimes react negatively, or worse - attempt to sabotage you. This is your life. You are worth looking after. You are worth taking care of, and to be an independent, strong and capable person, you have to step up for you. You have to make the time and decide that you are worth it. Connect yourself to the positivity of like minded, driven people that will inspire you to keep pushing the good fight. Tell yourself something positive every single day before you train with us - give yourself these 12 minutes to ‘shore up’ your confidence and intentions. You’ve got this and you are more than capable of anything life throws your way.



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As promised: Jessica’s before and after. 

Jessica started her fitness journey just a few short years ago. She has been recently following our Intermittent Fasting Plan to support her active lifestyle. 



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