BodyRock HIIT Workout #31: Full Body Tone Up.

Hi BodyRockers,

Today I’m excited to introduce our new Coach Jana, ‘Coach J’ to our community. Jana has been training for the last 15 years, she trains Jujitsu and is an active competitive fighter.

Her energy is infectious, and her technical knowledge about how the body works and responds to exercise is extremely impressive. In our quest to bring you guys the very best coaches and workouts, we’ve just taken it up a level. 

Today’s Full HIIT Workout Class (Full 12 Minute Real-Time Workout):

The HIIT Workout Gear: 

Jana combined the HIIT Wrist Weights and HIIT Ankle Weights into a very effective hand weight for today’s workout - she goes over that and the rest of the gear she uses for today’s exercises in this short video.

She is ‘strapping’ the 8lbs HIIT Weighted Exercise Vest and also uses the HIIT Core Bands. You can now get the Vest, Ankle & Wrist Weights ink one convenient bundle priced at just $99 here

HIIT Weights Bundle

The HIIT Workout Breakdown: We are breaking out of our usual 50-10 interval, and doing 45 seconds of exercise, followed by 15 seconds of rest for the full 12 Minutes. That might sound like we are slowing things down on you, but despite the extra rest time, this workout moves quickly. The tempo is definitely popping, and the 5 exercises and 2 rounds that Jana leads you through will leave you sweaty and breathless. 

HIIT Core Bands

Remember, anytime you need a break, you can march in place or even pause the video, but I do ask that you try to keep moving. Go out your own pace, and as always, make this workout yours. There is a completely new sit-up variation in this workout called the ‘Corpse’ crunch which is all core - you can see Jana struggling with it - I strongly suggest that you watch the tutorial video below for that move, so that you have a solid understanding about the exercise mechanics and the power of your breath while performing this exercise. Jana also breaks the movement down, and shows you how to start with something that might be a bit more accessible. As always, try a rep or two - even if you have to switch to the alternative move. 

The Warm Up Video: Complete this quick warm up which includes the world’s best stretch to prep your body for the workout. 

HIIT Exercise #1: Inch Worm to Push Ups. Make sure to watch your elbow positioning for the push-up. Aim for 45 degree angles to harness the most power. Also, feel free to do the push-ups from your knees. 

HIIT Exercise #2: Bent Over Shoulder Pulls (Mixed). Hinge back, load your glutes and go for max reps. The HIIT Ankle Weights combined with the HIIT Wrist Weights give you 4lbs per hand. 

HIIT Exercise #3: Weighted Windmills. Arms stay straight and loaded over the shoulder. Keep your eyes on your weights and pay attention to your toe positioning. Jana sets you up for perfect form in the video. 

HIIT Exercise #3: Weighted Windmills.

HIIT Exercise #4: Corpse Crunches. The goal of this crunch variation is to keep your arms crossed, and avoid ‘pumping’ them to gain momentum. This is an advanced crunch that will absolutely shred your core, but if it’s too much of a challenge at your fitness level, please watch this exercise tutorial which provides alternate movements and teaches you how to ‘train up’ to be able to do this exercise.  

HIIT Exercise #5: Pop Squats. Push your glutes back, push into your heels and drive up. There is an option here to skip the jump, for a low-impact variation of this exercise. Once you get the form locked down, try to increase your pace. 

That’s it! You’ve crushed BodyRock HIIT Workout #31 with Coach Jana! Tell yourself something positive and pay it forward by sharing this workout with your friends and family 🙌 ❤️.

BodyRock HIIT Workout #31

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